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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Run #11.3 - Eh, Nothing Special

Happy Ugly Sweater Day!
Not much to report on this run. Part of me wanted to skip it and get up early in the morning to run. But then that wouldn't count as 2 runs 24 hours apart (to simulate my races being in that time frame). So I procrastinated playing this addictive ball game on my iPhone. I am such a 12 year old boy that I giggled when I almost typed balls. Oh. My. Gosh.

ANYWAY, it was colder, so begrudgingly I was running in a jacket again. I probably could have ditched the arm sleeves, but oh well. My gloves were all wet  - drying from coming out of the washing machine (I didn't wear them) - so my hands were frozen. Damn. My plan to run 5 was shortened to 3. Physically I could have done the 5, but my tummy just didn't feel right, so then I felt lazy. Nobody tried to run up behind me this time, so that's a bonus. And I used the headlamp again and wasn't as embarrassed. Phew!

At the 1.57 mark I had paused to look at some Christmas lights and stretch my calves. When I realized I was half way into my run, I just turned around and repeated the route I had done. That meant running UP the hills. Oy! But I did it! And backtracking somehow made to seem the run go by really fast. I liked it! In the end I was still almost at the prior run's pace. I'm sure the difference mostly lies in running up hills this time, versus just down them. But as far as back to backs go, this wasn't bad! I felt just as fresh as the first run - and even finished it out at a very steady 8:30 pace. WHAT?? That's right ... 8:30!

That was so boring. I'm so sorry. Maybe I'll come up with something more interesting to write later on today. I think my mind is just on scattered over-drive now. Am I freaking out about these raceSSSSS .... yes! It's like taper madness has hit, but there is no sign of taper in my future right now!

Speaking of races, this whole runDisney announcement has thrown me for a loop. I've had it planned now since before this year's Wine & Dine half marathon that next September I'd go to Orlando and do that race. Now they've moved it to November and brought back the Tower of Terror race for the September weekend. So now I have to pick between Wine & Dine or the race that originally got me wanting to do Disney runs. Plus that one is during Orlando's Halloween season. Such tough decisions! I'm hoping the WDW expo in TWO WEEKS(!!!!) will help me make my decision. If only I could get there for both!


  1. Girl, you are getting FAST!

    I got your Christmas card! Thank you!

    I was just reading an article about running hills, and how it totally, totally helps with your running overall. So keep up with your bad self on those hills.

  2. Running hills is like speedwork in disguise. Fact.

    WHY would you take gloves out of the washer and expect them to keep your hands warm!? I laughed out loud.

  3. **I fixed that boo-boo in typing.

    I didn't actually wear the gloves - because they were wet. I just left them at home to dry, hence the cold hands!

  4. Psh -- yeah, 8:30 for like the last 3 tenths of a mile maybe! Any longer and I would have passed out!

  5. Girl 8:30 pace....I can't wait to try to keep up with you one day!! We are going to have to get a race scheduled together!! :)

  6. Boo! I hate cold hands. Wow - 8:30 pace?! Awesome!!

    I know - the runDIsney announcement has me rethinking my options. I did the Tower of Terror when it was a 13K but now that the W&D is later I can more realistically go. But then do I miss Halloween? But will Christmas have started by then? What to do?? I like the idea of checking them out at the expo.

  7. Good grief that is fast! The ugly sweater is great. I'm counting on finding a good one at a thrift store after Christmas this year.


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