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-Steve Prefontaine
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- Don Draper

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Run #11.4 - Badass Alert!

I'm a bad-ass. Yep, I said it!

As far as taper madness goes - it is here in full swing! Yesterday I was close to being at an all time low on the confidence scale. By the time I went to bed I was feeling pretty darn happy with myself!

My plan was to run, no matter the weather, I was going to make NO excuses and just run. I spent all day tweaking my training for these last few days and decided that since I wasn't mentally prepared to do 10 miles I would at least do a 10K. For me a 10K is still pretty big for a mid-week run .... I'm a slacker and usually keep those around 3 miles, 4 max. After work I hit Macy's with my mom to exchange my size 6-7 Jessica Simpson slippers for a 9-10. Oh Grandpa. How cute that he thought I had such tiny feet! Let me tell you, those slippers are a little slice of Heaven wrapped around my feet! A little more shopping, a small dinner at home and then I ran. Okay - not true. I had my dinner but got sucked into a Las Vegas marathon on the Travel Channel. Vegas always wins. As I sat there watching all these pretty people partying in Vegas I was listening to the wind blow rain into my window. Great.

At 8:40pm I was laced up, bundled and ready for what I thought would be a long, cold, windy run. One mile in I was back at my house ditching my gloves and jacket. It was warm and dry! Still windy, but that was okay. I was almost tempted to ditch my arms sleeves too. A perfect night for running! And my legs were on fire. I wasn't trying to go faster than normal, nor slower. I just ran at whatever pace felt right. 1:05:55 later I had finished my 10K. For me, this is wonderful - especially since I did a 4:1 run/walk ratio! AND .... I ran hills. HillSSSSSSS. I just kept zigging and zagging all over, working my way up a hilly neighborhood. I'd keep feeling tempted to walk when I got to them, but did that lovely little trick of setting small goes my entire way up. Before I knew it the hills were over!

So glad I did this run. I wore my headlight thing again, too. I didn't feel as embarrassed this time because I had on a hat to keep my face dry - and I felt like maybe that distracted me from the light. I should just ignore it and be happy I can see and be seen. Eventually I'll be comfortable with it. Oh, and those Skirt Sports pants that I just bought? Damn - they are toasty!! I had on compression sleeves, and just having those two things on together --- I was ready to shed layers. I probably could have just gone in a skirt. This is a lot of pointless information that even I don't care about. Point it - it was nice and warm outside!

AND, for the time being, I don't feel completely neurotic. Give me a few minutes, that will change.


  1. running at 8:40pm takes committment... glad you conquered the hills, they're never fun (unless its doooooooowwwwwn)

  2. Nice, nice, nice. I know how you feel about it being too warm for new running clothes. Hit me with 33 degrees so I can give that skirt/pant combo a real run for its money.

  3. Great job!!!!! I can't wait to hear about your back to back races an how you ROCKED them.

  4. Well done, Chicka! The headlamp is a good thing. I like to wear mine with a hat, or the light seems to filter into my eyes.

  5. Woohoo, that is a great time! Glad you had such an amazing run!

  6. you my friend are better than me...I am not sure I would go after 7 pm! Very nice!!! and great time!


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