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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Behold! Another Race. .... Shocker? No.

I figured I'd do a weekly check-in on my training progress, but I am popping in early.

Today is Day 3 of the Fruit Fly with a coach. Is it nap time yet? My ass is killing me!! Last night I did lunges and squats, followed by my early morning swim class. By the end of class today my legs were burning. It was freaking awesome!!

Perhaps it is because I haven't raced in ages ... you know ... um ... 17 whole days.... but I felt compelled. I NEEDED a race. I couldn't wait until mid-March for my next one. I checked my e-mail, and behold! (heh, shout out to giraffy on that one) a message about a half marathon in February. "Hmm," I thought to myself, "If I do that one I would have in 12 half marathons in 1 year. I MUST do this!"

Immediately I sent an e-mail to a couple of Portland friends to see if they have done this race or knew much about it. Turns out this is only the second year for the race. My mind was pretty much set, even after reading about the hills - I just had one last obstacle... the Coach. After batting my eyelashes and promising to do this as a training run and not race it, he begrudgingly gave me permission and said he'd work it into my training schedule. Yippee!!

So here's the strange thing I noticed. You register and with the cost is a long-sleeve red cotton t-shirt. Okay - I pretty much opt to NOT do races that give me cotton, but it is a half and there is a medal! I proceed with registration and temporarily click to buy the optional long-sleeve tech shirt for $15. THEN I scroll down - $10 for the medal. Wait, what? So instead of making the race $65 with a shirt and medal, it is $55 with a shirt, and you can pay $10 for the medal. Odd. Naturally I said YES to that and then no to the tech shirt. I really don't run in long-sleeve shirts much anyway - especially unisex fitting shirts.

Registration is complete! I'm very excited about this. Mostly, if I'm going to be honest in my own blog, I'm excited to spend time with the awesome Cilley Girl while I crash on her couch AND carb load. I've only been trying to eat healthy for not even a week and I'm constantly starving wanting all that stuff I shouldn't have. Bring on the pasta! Bring on the garlic cheese bread!!

Huh - I totally just rambled on about the process of registering for a race spontaneously. Well there you go - that's how this happens in my head. I see it, 30 minutes later (if even that long) I'm registered. Seems to be the way it always happens!


  1. What kind of race makes the tshirt mandatory but the medal optional??

  2. i don't think i've ever ran any holiday themed race- should be fun!

  3. what Rose said!
    I have never seen a race where I had the option to buy the medal...

    12 half in one year!!!!!!!!!!!
    do they have a fanatic something for that!!!?!!

  4. I haven't heard of that half. Hmm.

    That is really weird that it is not a packaged deal. Maybe they don't want to over-order?

    12 hms. WOW. That would be crazy!

  5. I haven't done that half yet! Looking forward to hearing all about it.

  6. So how are they going to know who's getting the medal when the runners come running through the finish line?


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