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-Steve Prefontaine
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- Don Draper

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Blame it on Post-Race Delirium

You see, the thing is, right now I fully believe I am the greatest runner on the planet. The new coach is already rolling his eyes at how many times he's heard me say "awesome" and "bad ass" in reference to myself. I can't help it .... I am freaking awesome and a total running bad ass!!  But all that is soon to come to the blog whenever I get off of my bad ass and write some reports.

And mostly, I'm just really sick. The plane ride home did me in. I slept all the way from Central Florida to Northern Oregon, and woke up feeling like death. I haven't even analyzed all 5,550 of my photos. That number is a slight exaggeration.

But now in this post-race glow that continues on I realize I am ready to fill my 2012 race calendar. I said I was going to back off. I might. I'm still deciding. But what I do fully blame on my racing success this weekend is the fact that I am signing up for that dreaded Shamrock 15K Challenge AGAIN! WTF is wrong with me? If you weren't a reader yet, or don't remember ... that is the race that I had my first mid-race Meniere's attack, ran smack dab into two girls and called my mom in tears half way through that f**king hill.  Perhaps I just like to give myself difficult goals. Perhaps I have a score to settle. I WILL PR in that one. I will not let myself run slower than I did last year. I will have a blast. And I WILL complain about those damn hills. 

And I'm working on other goals and crazy plans that have wormed their way into my head.

Soon I'll start a slew of Disney posts. I mean we have three races to cover here! And each one was awesome and unique in its own way. There are maracas, sweepers, lost runners, cartwheels, grave diggers, characters and NO puking!!!  All soon to come! Until then, here's a little shot of my weekend! Ole!


  1. Hmmm, Shamrock 15K....I don't think the hill is that bad...

  2. Great times!! And Yipee for no puking!!

  3. I am contemplating doing the Shamrock run! My friend Kim has a group that she is trying to get together and she wants me to join in, but I'm a tad bit leery... and now that I read your post (referring to my arch nemesis - hills) not sure I am ready for such a challenge!

  4. No lie ... it is a beast!! Up up up up down a hair back up up up down down done!


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