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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Disney - the Non-Running Post ºoº

What a whirlwind that was! Aside from 3 races, I hit an expo, did some shopping, popped into the parks just a bit and did A LOT of eating! Let me back up a hair, then we'll slide into some bullet points perhaps!

My trip began with a drive up to Portland and my first blogger meet up of the trip! I inhaled a grilled cheese and fries while talking with a local Running Potato about ... running. Shocker! I tried to sleep, but was up very early and heading to the airport. By 4:30pm I was in Orlando with my best friend talking his ear off about the relay and how we are going to rock the hell out of it. (Psst... we did!) That night we had a team dinner at Wolfgang Puck - uh, yeah, we both had the kid's meals - and I did some shopping. Knee socks, arm sleeves, a new hat ... I was loving it! In my room I refused to change channels. I watched Stacey non-stop. "Teamboat Springs? You can throw the whole family in that one!" No, really, I have the whole freaking thing memorized. She's like crack. In the morning is when the real fun began! Abby arrived!! This girl, I just adore her! It was like being reunited with an old friend and after this weekend I'm on the campaign to move her to the PacNW. I need more Abby time!!

Okay, so now we'll switch to some bullets.

  • There was a lost sombrero crisis. Coming soon to a theater near you:  Sombreros on a Plane. We resolved the issue by hitting Mexico. Ole!
  • I ate A LOT of Disney pizza. And I loved every bite!
  • I became the mayor of a couple places on Foursquare. That's important.
  • There was an expo. I'll have a short post on that next.
  • I did only 5 rides: Mexico (I still call it El Rio del Tiempo) (we did it in our sombreros!), Figment, People Movers, Haunted Mansion and Pirates.
  • I only had ONE drink. Sultan's Colada in Morocco. Try it. You'll love me for suggesting it to you.
  • Brazil. It invaded. I thought there were tons of runners because I saw so much spandex. Then I realized I was wrong. It was just Brazil. Everywhere.
  • I heard Michael Jackson every time I walked outside at Pop Century. It was rad!!
  • There was a lot of sleeping, eating and showering.
  • Our room clearly was a room of runners -- Runner's World, race waivers, Prefontaine movies, shoes everywhere, sweaty clothes. Loved it!
  • The lights on Cinderella's Castle were glorious!
  • Fred came and joined us on Friday afternoon. Poor Abby - she must have almost got her eyes stuck in the top of her head from rolling them at us so much!
  • So many changes at Downtown Disney. I mean Rock'n'Roll Beach Club - the building? Gone! The stage by it? Gone. BUT, there were more guests in the whole are than I've seen in years, so perhaps these changes will be for the best. 
  • I spent some time alone at World Showcase on our final night while my roomies napped. It was the perfect ending to a memorable weekend!
  • And mostly the best thing from this weekend is that I feel like I have two new great friends. You never really know what you're going to get when you invite people to stay in your room after only meeting them briefly at a finish line concert ... but this was so much fun! Nobody annoyed me. Fred let me boss him around - with regard to getting to our buses. Abby let me watch Stacey non-stop. We all like eating. We were a great fit and I wouldn't change a thing!


  1. That's sooo awesome. I'm happy you had a great time. Looking forward to reading more..come on already!!!

  2. I am just disgustly jealous that you got to go... there I said it. It looks and sounds like you had a fabulous time.

  3. Orlando is invaded by joint forces from Brazil and the UK in December and January. My mom likes that Publix has started carrying lots of cool new food to accommodate them :)

  4. Love you, too, hunnie! It really was a fabulous weekend. I see many many races together in our future.
    I'm really glad I tried the pizza bc of you. It really was amazing.
    I'm glad I got to sit next to the Mayor of the bus. That was awesome.
    And to be honest, Stacy was white noise. I could've watched her more, mainly bc I kept zoning out. Every time she came on there was a new thing I had missed!

  5. Stacey completes me. Ooh - I became Mayor of an airport gate on the way home!


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