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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Disney's Family Fiesta 5K

...Featuring the 3 Caballeros!

And with a title like that how do you not dress up for the theme??

What a fun, silly way to kick off the most exciting race weekend thus far! Abby and I were up bright and early to put our "costumes" on and catch the Epcot bus. We were hardly there and the dance party was beginning. I am convinced this whole group dance craze is a southern thing. Abby was there joining in - and it wasn't until they played Ice Ice Baby that I got my groove thang shakin'. And when the Conga song came on? I was all over that one. Ole!

I saw my buddy Jeff Galloway again, plus ran into Jenn before meeting up with my friend Sarah for our 3rd Disney 5K together. It was non-stop fun. They said it was the biggest Disney 5K ever, with 8000 runners! We lined up in the 3rd corral, and I took this opportunity to literally toe the line and be at the lead of our wave. Oh yeah, I've got impressive walking skills!

Abby, Sarah and I were our own version of the 3 Caballeros, filling this 5K with constant laughter, silliness and photos. I just love these girls!!

I'm sure fellow runners were thoroughly annoyed with me. I just couldn't stop shaking my maracas! (That's what she said??)


One of my favorite moments, okay, THE favorite moment, was in China. Abby was excited to see Mulan. We then realized that we HAD to get a photo - and that she and I don't fit in at all. In the end, Abby and I were the lost Mexican photo bombers of Sarah's "normal" vacation photo! And to top it off, while getting this done I heard my name being yelled ... it was Megan! You just never know when you'll bump into someone you know in Disney World!

All fun races must come to an end, and we finished it in style! We didn't dare miss the opportunity to get our photo with the original Three Caballeros!

Abby I couldn't leave without a little .... well ....


  1. hahaha! LOVE it!! It looks and sounds like you had so much fun!! :) LOVE your pics! Made me chuckle! ;)

  2. Best. Race. Ever. So much fun, what a great way to kick off the weekend!

    I think this might have been my version of your Disneyland half.

    Why do you have to live across the country?! Boo.

  3. It WAS a blast! I'm so glad we dressed up for it!

  4. You crack me up! We need to do a race together

  5. How fun!! Love the Mulan photo and your costumes!!

  6. This looks like ALMOST as much fun as our run.

  7. Love love love your photos!! :) Loved running into you again, like always :)


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