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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I Feel Old Now

I had my follow-up appointment with my doctor today. Turns out, shockingly, my B12 is good! And it also turns out that at my advanced age of 33 years I have joined the rest of my family and have high cholesterol. Holy shit. Excuse my potty mouth, but dammit!!

Now that the WDW race weekend is over I have turned over control of my food to giraffy and running control to the new coach. I wonder how long until I give him a blog name and stop saying that he is new. 

I am seriously so stressed. Nervous, excited, terrified, eager....  I have 3 months to get my number down before the next blood test. It's is that or more medication. I'm good with just my daily Meniere's meds, I don't need more. So Go Team! Let's fix me in 3 months.

Speaking of Meniere's, my new doctor is setting me up with someone that specializes in Meniere's issues. So this could be a good thing! I've been sort of on my own, as I am with everything in life until now. I'm looking forward to what may come of this!

And in the mean time I seriously want to puke. I just handed my list of running goals over to the new coach. Apparently "to not suck" is not the best thing to have on your list?!? Psh, I thought it was a good goal! Just the act of handing over the list sent my tummy in a spin. And now the guilt of  my "last hurrah" grilled cheese is setting in, making the tummy ache even worse. AAARRRRGGG!!

This is a good thing. I am stepping out of my little comfort zone. I'm not going to die. Heck, I might just get healthier as a result!

The final race report will be on its way later tonight! 
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  1. You are going to eat so much fiber and poop all the time!

  2. 90 days to a new you? I like it. But, I like the "old" you as well.

  3. I am curious about your new coach/! Online or in person??
    Good to hear about the b12! Looking forward to your new PR in April!!

  4. I am sure you can fix this without meds! 90 days you can do this!
    discipline is the key to success!!!

  5. You will be in tip top shape!
    Trust yourself you can do it!

    And I need to get all my work done, so I can plop myself on the couch/bed and read all your Disney posts.

  6. You can do this girl....bring on the new you! :)

  7. You can do this girl....bring on the new you! :)

  8. Sorry to hear about your high cholesterol but I am sure you will have it lowered in no time!


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