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Friday, January 13, 2012

WDW Expo Madness ºoº

Expo Madness!! That's what it was. OMG insanity -- and not fun Rock'n'Roll expo insanity. I mean I didn't get anything free. Psh. What's up with that?!?

So Abby landed in the morning. I "slept in" and got some breakfast, finishing up right when she arrived. Quickly we ditched her stuff in our room at caught the bus to the ESPN Wide World of Sports. I was pretty freaking giddy, let me tell ya! Our plan of attack ... get OUR bibs first, then Fred's, then SHOPPING!! Bib pick up was a breeze. We giggled when we realized that we got some butt cushions at the relay check-in area. I totally didn't use it, but I kept it! At the half check-in we got buttons in honor of the 15 year anniversary! Tested B-tags and they worked. Upstairs we went. First we picked up the 5K bibs and lovely cotton t-shirts. Have I mentioned how much I hate cotton t-shirts? Then for a few minutes we looked like Goofy runners while picking up Fred's things. Even in that line I felt intimidated! (But cool.)

Downstairs we hit the first shopping area but decided it was too crowded and joined the masses in the REAL expo area. Holy canoli! I took my jacket off immediately. So freaking hot in there! The only thing we really had on our list was the official merchandise area, the runDisney booth and finding some arm sleeves for Abby, Clif shots for R0nda. Done, done, done and done. So much merchandise! I mean they really had everything. I'm already thinking about what I might buy next year. $141 later I was out of there with some pins, a key chain, a magnet, a v-neck and a long sleeve shirt. I'm so good at shopping!

At the runDisney area I stood by my buddy Jeff Galloway and overheard him tell someone he does do his interval running that he always talks about --- :30/:30. I swear I heard him say he does 30 seconds running, 30 seconds walking. You heard it here first, folks! Also, I was busy looking everywhere but in front of me and just barely missed bumping into some tan, shiny, muscular guy with a lot of hair gel. He had that famous "look" to him and I saw people lingering to talk. I didn't think anything of it --- turns out I almost bumped into Tony Horton! Clearly I don't do P90X!

My relay partner showed up in the middle of it all and ... what did he do anyway? I think he was just hanging out! And of course he gave in when I said we HAD to get photos. I mean can you be my partner and not cooperate? Of course not! Post-expo, Brian got Abby and I into the parks and then ditched us at our hotel. From there it was food and Epcot! We kept it short because the craziness of early mornings and non-stop running was just about to begin. OMG it was so exciting! For real. Don't you just love expo day and seeing everybody start appearing and feeling that energetic vibe everywhere??

Alright, so I've procrastinated enough ... time for race reports ... up first, the Fiesta Family 5K!


  1. I'm impressed that you left the expo spending less than $200. Thats really a feat, especially in Disney

  2. Ooh, the expo!! How exciting!! I can't wait for the race recaps!

  3. I didn't have much time at the expo but it was packed and I managed to spend some $$ too. Something about that environment separates me from my money. Wish I had seen Tony Horton.


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