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-Steve Prefontaine
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- Don Draper

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Week 1: I Have a Coach!

It feels so weird to be doing my recap in weekly form!

Okay - so here I go!  Week 1 with a coach went really well!! It was mostly all high points, except for one very low, ground level point.  Last week I was given my schedule for the rest of January. All I had to do was follow it. Sadly I find that to be the easy part. I'd rather be out running miles in the dark, wet and cold than sitting down trying to figure out a good training plan for myself.

This week I ran 25 miles. For me, this is HUGE!! As well as going to my swim class, I have leg strengthening added into the schedule. Welcome to my life, lunges and squats. I actually enjoy the variety of things I'm doing and the new minimum distance I am allowed to go for each run (no more runs less than 5 miles).

Here's the run down:
Monday:       water aerobics, 5 miles
Tuesday:       legs
Wednesday:  water aerobics, 5 miles
Thursday:     5 miles
Friday:          legs
Saturday:     10 miles

My Wednesday and Thursday runs were great!! I never once paused my Garmin. I never stopped moving. Monday I did have a bit of a mental breakdown and had to just stop and get my head back on straight, then I was fine. Wednesday was Steve Prefontaine's birthday - and I was totally thinking of him for the entire 5 miles, which I attribute to making that run so great!

And then there was Saturday. Trotting along enjoying the beautiful weather and paths full of people while listening to Adam Carolla, I was on a roll. 2.5 miles in I found myself on a very busy road getting up on a sidewalk, hoping to not be hit by all of the cars with antsy shoppers in them. Then all of a sudden it happened. I don't even know how - I'm guessing I didn't lift my foot enough, obviously. There I was. Face flat on the ground. My arms and legs were out - like I was making a snow angel, except on my stomach. My chin caught my fall. This was my first running fall, too! Heck, this is the first time I remember falling down since I was a very little girl excited to go to the Space Needle for the first time (let the record show I never made it to the Space Needle because of said fall. Bummer.) ANYWAY, at the time of the fall I was right outside of my store (mine because I am the FourSquare Mayor!) so I was able to go in to the restroom and clean myself up. I sat on the love seat in the ladies for a little bit until I had myself composed. Given that this was my first fall in over 25 years, I was a little shaken up. Did I let it stop me? No. I finished out that 10 miler and felt great about it! My chin? Eh, it's felt better. Even eating right now hurts since my entire jaw is throbbing. Oh well - if I didn't have that fall what the heck would I have written about this week??


  1. Oh dear, I hope you are ok and not too shaken up by it. I dread falling while out running, since I can remember my mother has said I can trip over the pattern in a carpet so I know its coming :-(

  2. So sorry to hear about the fall. That's my biggest fear in running.

    25 miles? Congrats!

  3. Yikes! Sorry to hear about your fall. I've had one minor fall while out running and I am always worried that my next fall is going to happen any time.

  4. I fall all the time. And always in front of other people.

    By the way, my orthodontist said my mouth is too small. When I was getting my braces put it and all, they had to find kid sized apparatus and that was still too big.

    Do you read things from the back to front? Because I am reading your posts from newest to old. :)

  5. Sorry about your fall! I had a streak of falls a few months back where I literally fell three times in two weeks.


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