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-Steve Prefontaine
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- Don Draper

Monday, February 13, 2012

11 X 3... So Many Things!

You know how everybody is getting tagged with 11 things? Yeah, I've been tagged 3 times now that I'm aware of... but I'm so far behind on every single blog, I bet 30 people tagged me. Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating. Anyhoozy, I'm cheating. I figured I'd answer the questions my friends have asked of me and call it good. 

Up first, and this is in no particular order at all ...

Questions from Katye at Long Legs on the Loose:
  1. If you absolutely had to change your first and middle name, what would you change them to? But I love my middle name! Well my first would be Veronica... and so naturally that is what I will name my daughter. It is always what I named my first car. My middle name? How about Katura ~ she was my grandma's cousin and just had the coolest name.
  2. If you could just drop all responsibilities for a week with not negative outcomes, what would you do with that week? Hard questions!! Gosh, okay, if I had NO negative outcomes whatsoever I'd have a week like the Hangover. I LOVE Vegas! So forget work, forget bills, forget carbs, cholesterol, hangovers, money, blah blah blah ... I'd go party it up. Stay up all night. Dance. Drink. Sing. See tons of shows - because I could spend as much as I want with no negative consequences! I'd have the ultimate Vegas vacation. I can't do that in real life without my conscience getting to me!
  3. What pattern best fits your personality and why? Animal? Stripes? Dots? Plaid? Paisley? Dots. Random. Colorful. A different story and aspect of me with each little dot!
  4. If you could take up any career for a month, what would you pick? I'd be a Broadway star! Singing my heart out, telling a story. Of course I'd have to Eponine in Les Mis, or perhaps Dinah or Pearl in Starlight Express.
  5. Trendy or timeless? Timeless. There is a reason some things are only trends and the good things stay timeless!
  6. Are there any brands (can be any kind of brand) that you just can’t live without? And the runner in me doesn't hesitate.... Adidas and Nike
  7. If you could create your own endurance event, what would it be? Place? Time? Event? Prize? What else? If I was clever enough to answer this then I'd create my own endurance event!
  8. If you are running out the door and can only tag one bag with you for the day, what would it be? Gym bag? Purse? Mommy Bag? Brief case? I'd have the messenger bag that I hope to find next weekend. My desire is that it will be bigger than my purse, but not huge. And adorable. Handy. And adorable.
  9. What was one article of clothing from your childhood that you distinctly remember and what makes it so memorable? My Wonder Woman underwear set. It was underwear and a tank top. Kind of silky smooth. I'd just wear it around the house for fun and I always felt like I really was Wonder Woman. A few moments of confidence in me now and then.
  10. What’s your bedroom look like? Do you love it or would you change it up? It is blood red with little accents from Japan and China (from Epcot, naturally.) I love it! If I could change it I'd probably just make it bigger with more closet space.
  11. Just for the hell of it, what Chinese Zodiac year were you born in? Google it if you must ; ) Horse.
Those were hard! Now questions from my running twin, Christina at Lace it Up and Run:
  1. Favorite dish/food?  Italian is my favorite. But then I could eat grilled cheese and fries any day of the week, any time of day, multiple times a day.
  2. Favorite singer?  Fiona Apple. Hands down. She is my musical idol.
  3. Chick flick? Thrillers? Scary movies?  I like all, but from this I'll go with chick flicks.
  4.  Favorite beverage?  Diet Pepsi, although I'm weening myself off and drinking a lot of water these days.
  5. What's your typical/usual daily outfit?  Mary Jane type shoes, knee socks, short skirt, shirt - quite often with a tank top underneath if the shirt is low-cut ... I am flat chested, those shirts are way too revealing for my rib cage.
  6. What's your usual workout outfit?  Wait, that's what I just said. All that above is what I wear to work. If I'm not working I'm in running clothes.
  7. Pet peeve?  Noise. Almost any type of noise that humans make with their bodies. And pen clicking. I will go postal over the constant pen clicking at work some day.
  8. Introvert or extrovert? Believe it or not ... introvert!
  9. What do you always have in your grocery cart?  Dinosaurs. (I can't believe I'm admitting this.) They are essentially ABC's and 123's -- except dino shapes. Also Morning Star "chikn" products.
  10. Your best trait?  My ability to find the positive in anything.
  11. Your worst trait? My ability to take a tense situation and crack jokes instead of just addressing the tense situation. I HATE confrontation and serious things.
Last, but most certainly not least... questions from Giraffy at 365 Days of Awesome:
  1. Do you cross train? (Be honest!) I guess technically I do now! Water aerobics 3 days a week, and I'm supposed to be doing leg strengthening exercises 2 days a week as well.
  2. What's your FAVORITE thing about running?  Meeting fellow runners. And medals.
  3. And your LEAST favorite? Pre-race anxiety where I am just positive I'm going to throw up. And we all know that eventually I do. 
  4. If you could eat only one food for the rest of your life, what is it? Shocker ... grilled cheese sandwiches and French fries. Best combo --- sourdough bread, American cheese.
  5. What came first, chicken or the egg?  Egg? Ugh. Why do you have to ask me that? I will end up pondering this for way too long, even though it is obviously not the first time I've heard the question.
  6. You're stuck on a deserted island - what three books do you wish you had with you? The Book of Questions. (good for endless conversation and thinking) Catcher in the Rye. I remember loving it and being bummed when I finished reading it.  A blank journal to write my own stories.
  7.  How much time do you spend getting ready before leaving your house for a normal day of work/school/whatever you do? Before work - about an hour ... that includes snooze time. If it is the weekend I can take HOURS to get ready. I just chill out and take my time with no rush.
  8. Do you love the treadmill as much as I do? No. I've never used a treadmill!
  9. My birthday is coming up (in 6 months)... want to come have a party? How is this even a question? Of course I do!!!! I want to be in charge of gift bags for everybody that comes.
  10. What should I get The H for his birthday (next week)? Tickets to Florida to see the Lemonheads, along with Disney Princess Half Marathon race registration. Duh. (Obviously he'd re-gift that to you in a second, right?)
  11. Have you joined Team Gab yet? I'm lame. I haven't. But I think I still have time? I suck. But I adore little Gabby. She's just the cutest!!


  1. Totally would want to be Eponine in Les Mis too!
    Fun one!

  2. I had that same wonder woman set! OM Goodness! I wish they still had them in ladies sizes. They probably do... I Just haven't googled it yet.


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