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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Angelina's Right Leg .... LOVE!

I am obsessed with the Oscars. I never miss them. I was so overjoyed with Billy Crystal was assigned hosting duties again. I've been tweeting up a storm and all over on facebook discussing my opinions. Of course MY opinions are the right ones. Duh!

All the prior best moments were tossed out the window when Angelina Jolie came on stage with that leg.

Did you see it?? Did you see the Oscar winner then mock it? It was PRICELESS!!

If you missed it, during a commercial break I decided - sans make-up and sans brushing my hair - to recreate for you. Angelina didn't wear comfy pants or an English soccer shirt. No. She wore a dress with a loooong slit all the way up to her hoo-ha and heels.

I call this Fire Crotch Meets Angelina's Leg.  (Fire Crotch being reference to Lohan, of course.)


  1. Hahaha nope I missed it all, will catch highlights at some point I'm sure, thanks for the re enactment :-)

  2. Bwahaha, I love this!!! Oh Angelina. She looked like a Q-Tip with her big head and not-even-there-body.

  3. Since I decided to be Angie's leg for Halloween I think I must immediately start restrictive dieting. i.e. NO food ever again. I mean how else am I going to get that skeletal look by October??

    The leg was my highlight!!

  4. I about spit my water out everywhere when she did that. Apparently Heroin Chic is back in style!

  5. I just saw her photo and thought what the hell! She looked odd.....also it is the season of lollipop heads as I like to call the girls who are so skinny there head looks jumbo!

  6. OMG, I didn't watch it but see the recap this morning. I mean, she needs to come eat some of my food for me so she can gain what I loose..... it's sooo unattractive. Curves are much more sexier. Love your fire crotch....haha

  7. you are too funny!

    I love the Osacars!
    I never miss it

    Angie...I am usually a fan...but she needs to put on some weight..that did not look good...the arms are scary

  8. Great impression, and you look far more put together then she ever will :)


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