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-Steve Prefontaine
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- Don Draper

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Muffins. Sperm. Edamame. Addiction.

I carried a watermelon. Okay, I didn't really carry a watermelon, but if I ever do I'm going to deliver line just like Baby did - and I will NOT be put in a corner.

I DID carry muffins. It is part of Operation Kill Them With Kindness. Work is just so tense lately. For the first time in years I'm not sleeping at night. I have a gut ache about going in. I've been fantasizing about the good ol' days of sweating in the Florida humidity during the peak of summer, walking in one place sometimes for 13 hours a day, trying to teach 1,000s of guests how to buckle a seat belt. I usually look back and wonder how I ever survived that portion of my life. I had to ask for permission to use the bathroom - and wait for another cast member to come cover my position in order to do so. Never did I think I'd long for that again! I mean I still have Kali nightmares to this day! No joke, today I am doing the jobs of 4 different people. I'm about to pull my hair out.

My costume for today!
I wore a Halloween costume to work today. I left out the green ascot. I should have added it. It would have been a fun pop of color!

I un-friended and blocked the person that thinks I'm the type of person to go around tricking people into getting me pregnant. Yes, because I am SUCH a whore I would totally do that? How on earth have I made it 33 years without getting knocked up since this is apparently how the person believes I behave? I mean I probably wouldn't have spent so much time doing research on sperm donors if I was really going to trick people into getting me pregnant, right? Or is this just me being silly, logical and a normal freaking human? Lame balls, Batman! Did I neglect to mention that all this nastiness has been happening at my WORK?? Yeah, because that is just what you want a fellow co-worker telling other co-workers. Psh, good riddance to all of that!

I bought healthy food again! After a stressful day I came home, sat in my recliner with NO tv on. I did some puzzle games then finally went shopping. I ended up coming home with a new pan & lid (which I am ridiculously excited about!), edamame, broccoli, yellow squash, cauliflower, rice and tons of spices/seasoning. Tonight I attempt stir fry, courtesy of one fabulous girl by the name of giraffy! I'm excited to get in there and chop and dice and sizzle and steam!

I ran my 3rd of 3 races a month ago today. I've been thinking about that a lot lately. It was such a "magical" weekend. Abby and Fred were fabulous roommates! I didn't eat nearly as much pizza and French fries as I expected I would, but that's okay. I did have a lot of tasty food court breakfasts though! My next race is now a week and a half away. I think I'll be ready! I'm trying to be the best running student I can. I'm trusting that this will help me to "suck less" - as that fabulous giraffy is known to say!

I don't have a good reason to start this paragraph with an "I". Sad news at swim class today. One of our fellow classmates passed away Monday night. She had a severe stroke a few weeks ago and just never really recovered. She was nice, and let me tell you - even at 85 she was always out there with us working as hard as she could, sometimes out-working us! Hopefully her daughter will rejoin the class once she feels ready. We'll all be happy to welcome her back!

I think that's all I've got for today. I'm feeling that twitch again. That twitch where you just really want to stalk race websites and pick one out and register. You know what I'm talking about I'm sure! So Addictive!!!

What's up with you? How is everyone? I'm so sorry I'm the suckiest blog friend in the world. I've been M.I.A. lately (and NOT flipping off NBC cameras - seriously , this is being blown out of proportion. It was so fast. ANYWAY.). I need to get back to reading. Stress has just taken over. I'm feeling better, so hopefully I can resume my normal life!

**EDIT:  For clarification, it was a girl friend that seemed it was necessary to warn someone to "watch out" for me. And then deemed it necessary to tell other people to go warn him, too. No males thought I was trying to trick them into knocking me up. The very nature of preferring a sperm donor kind of should imply I have NO intentions of tricking anyone into anything, right? Right.


  1. I have to pee right now.

    Other than that, my life isn't very exciting.

  2. I'm wishing you could squeeze Austin in to your schedule, still.

    Oh, and there is something smart about not friending coworkers on Facebook. Good for you to keep that person out of your personal life.

  3. Way to keep up the positive attitude, girlie! And there is nothing wrong with cutting negative, hurtful people out of your life. You are better off!

    I love the rainbow socks. You should totally rock those out!

  4. Craziness...good thing I don't have the corner on that market.

  5. Facebook can be full of drama. I appreciate your friendship on there though!

    Sorry about the lady at swim. :( I bet you'll miss her.

    I hope work looks up! Keep killing them with kindness.

  6. If you think you are eating that veggie crap at MY house next weekend, you are sadly mistaken! ;)

    If all this is at work, you should buy a turkey baster and keep it on your desk. And maybe get a baby dolly to go with it so you can put the baster in its arms with a sign up that says "Hoping!!"

  7. Mean girls suck! Blocking was a good decision!


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