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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My First Time, So to Speak

Valenwhat? Psh ... the REAL holiday is coming up. Just one week from today is R0nda Appreciation Day.... it's R.A.D.!! THAT's when I'll celebrate.

You don't know about it? It exists. I swear. I think this is the 6th year it's been going on. Maybe 5th. In the past I've gotten things like a light up ring, puzzle book (because I'm a dork and I like puzzles), an Apollo astronaut with lunar rover, a princess picture frame AND .... the coolest ... a Hannibal Lecter action figure! I love having my own holiday!

Anyway, In honor of today's nauseating holiday where I'm always ignored, I figured I could babble about firsts ...

Pucker up!
My first love & My first kiss. Same person. He was so adorable. His name is Andy. He was my boyfriend for 2 weeks in the 9th grade. I think it was one of those "do you like him? Do you want to be his girlfriend?" things where my friend was running back and forth between the two of us at the Valentine's Day dance. He dumped me because he didn't know me well enough. Then we became really good friends. By the time summer hit we were dating again. He'd sleep on my couch so he could get to soccer practice in the early morning. I even took him to our family cabin on the lake a few times. We had our first kiss on my couch in the living room of the home I still live in to this day. I ended up dumping him a couple of months later. He was a little A.D.D. for my taste. And then we became even better friends. Like friends that wanted to date again and always wanted to kiss and would always get soooo close to doing it before something would interrupt. I'd say if you had to look back on a "first love", this was the perfect one. Nothing but happy memories. Never any hard feelings. We remained friends until I graduated high school and left town. Nice boy. My mom certainly approved!

How about you? Do you fondly look back on your first love? Was your first kiss as nerve-wracking and awkward as mine? (We did get better ... I mean as good as 9th graders can get.) We were a good, prude little couple!



    Holy balls. That is easily the awesomest thing I have ever heard, no lies. Because then, I can put the action figure next to me in bed, and say I slept with Anthony Hopkins. My life will be complete.

  2. Taryn - you and I are probably meant to be best friends!

  3. My first love/first boyfriend/first kiss was in fifth and sixth grades -- we were together for about 18 months. My family moved away shortly after we broke up and I always wondered what happened to him. After the internet came to be, I looked for him a couple of times a year but never could find him. Not long before my 20th high school reunion -- about 26 years after I'd last heard anything about him -- we tracked each other down and met for lunch the day before my high school reunion. A few months later we spent a Saturday together and let's just say we kissed and leave the rest to a little mystery :)

  4. I don't normally look back on my first love....but he was cute. Shhhh don't tell the hubby. Actually he wouldn't care, that's why we're married ;) haha

  5. I got addicted to cross word puzzle books a couple of years ago. I would do them until my eyes were the ones that crossed.


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