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Monday, February 13, 2012

My SCARY 1 Week Challenge

Scared. We all get scared sometimes, right? But I suspect what I get scared of is NOT what one would normally be afraid of.

Examples of things I am scared of:
Scared to throw up when I have just eaten. It is so much easier to puke when only water, banana and a bit of bagel are in your stomach.
Scared to try new food, i.e. vegetables and things with different textures.
Scared to use the phone.
Scared to talk to my mom about "serious" things.
Scared to confront the starter of the "R0nda's tricking you into getting her pregnant" rumor.
Scared to put my head under water without plugging my nose.
Scared of getting fat.
Scared of spiders.
Scared of going to Mexico.... which reminds me I am...
Scared of eating before races because I don't want to be one of those people that others take pictures of when they have an "accident".
Scared to ask people in stores for help.
Scared to talk in front of groups of people.

Here are things I am NOT afraid of:
Being alone in a reportedly haunted location known as the "Body Chute"
Being alone in various parts of a huge, empty, dark, haunted building in the middle of the night with no electricity
Ghosts & ghost hunting
Ouija boards
Haunted houses
Running 13.1 miles
Meeting strangers off the internet in person
Flying across the country alone
Vacationing alone
Roller coasters. The bigger, badder, faster the Better!
Little critters I encounter in the wild
Jumping over fire pits
Spectating autopsies (yep, I did that!)

Here are things that I would like to do that some might consider a little crazy:
Have a little chat with an inmate on death row -- think Clarice Starling/Hannibal Lecter/Silence of the Lambs type thing

Okay, I only came up with one. It's true. I've always wanted to hunt serial killers and/or interview them and learn about the psychology behind why they do what they do. Call me morbid, I just say fascinated and curious.

So as of NOW I have a week long challenge given to me by Giraffy. I CANNOT refuse to do something because "I am scared." Feeling really sick at work and needing to throw up but don't want to let myself because I have a full stomach and I'm scared of being heard throwing up? Too bad. Need to call someone for some reason? Sorry, no texting just because it is easier. For a week I won't allow myself to be "scared". Eek, this CHALLENGE could be ... dare I say it.... scary?!?

How about you? What are YOU scared of?


  1. I am scared of talking to people I don't know.

  2. I am totally afraid of the phone. People think it's nuts but I hate calling people who aren't my best friends or my mom.

  3. So happy to know I'm not the only one afraid of calling people!!

  4. I'm with Rose. I'm scared of meeting new people.


    This is the thing. Think of how many potentially awesome things you're missing out on because your only real reason for skipping them is "I'm scared"??

    I mean, obviously there are TONS of things to legit be scared of, with REAL reasons to be worried - like endangering your life, contracting a disease, really hurting someone you care about, etc etc etc.

    But how freeing will it be to not have "I was too scared" acting as a crutch? Think of all the maybe-awesome things you'll get to experience!

  5. I'm totally scared of the phone! And spiders, and asking people in stores for help. Good luck!

  6. The things you are NOT scared of are exactly the things I am SCARED of. Terrified!! :)

  7. And I hate calling people - customer service, parents, teachers, boss.

  8. "Scared of eating before races because I don't want to be one of those people that others take pictures of when they have an "accident"." This scares me too! lol. Not much of an issue if you get super nervous before all your races, though, as everything comes out. I am on with the no-phone crowd. hate it! But I will call if necessary. It is kind of funny that you aren't scared to meet strangers in person though.

    Be careful if you go talk to the hannibal types. OK?

  9. It's funny the things you are afraid of and aren't afraid of, for most, would be the opposite.

    What an awesome challenge. . .I played for a second and bc I'm afraid to talk on the phone, I called someone back for an interview. . YaY!

  10. What a great idea! I love that "conquering your fears" thing. I was (and still am) terrified of heights...but that didn't stop me from jumping out of an airplane! Good luck on your challenge this week!

  11. I am scared of the water - especially when you can't see through it. If I feel anything in the water I have a slight freakout.

  12. Very cool yet scary challenge. I am scared of so many things, I am not sure I would know where to start listing them. Can't wait to hear how it went.


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