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-Steve Prefontaine
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- Don Draper

Sunday, February 26, 2012

One Year + an Assload of Medals

One year ago today Lesley and I got 2 hours of sleep before getting up at 2am to put on our glittery pink eye shadow and catch the bus to Epcot for my first ever half marathon. At the time I did that race I thought I'd do Disney Princess, Corvallis (a last minute decision just before heading to Florida), Eugene and the Las Vegas Rock'n'Roll Half Marathon. I had NO idea it would instantaneously become an addiction. Today I saw tons of people (via twitter and facebook) running the Princess Half again ... without me. Instead of being bummed about not being there, I thought I'd relive this really wonderful, challenging and rewarding year!

I met so many people at the first race - so it gets the most time in this post. Lesley and I spent a ton of time together even before race day, and while at the 5K I met up with Becka and Brooke, and Courtney at a party (where she let me tuck and roll out of her car!). The Half brought even more friends! First I found Lucy at the potties - because of course friends want to meet there, right?!?

And then without even trying Katye appeared in our corral and we got to start the race with her. I missed the blue/yellow memo that she and Lesley both apparently got!

Who knew when we met that day that a year later I'd be talking to her all the freaking time, part of Team Jam with her and just like unable to function without her? In a text panic moment Giraffy and I met up to say hi and so she could pass off an iFitness belt to me. History in the making!

As soon as well all met, we were all off and running for 13.1 magical miles through Walt Disney World. I say magical NOW -- but there were 2 miles where Lesley was dragging me and my eyes had to have been rolling up into the back of my head. So. Freaking. HOT!

With that race, the addiction was born ... bring on the MEDALS!

Corvallis Inaugural Half Marathon - let the puking tradition begin!
Eugene Half Marathon ~ with Kim and Stacey! New PR - I met Pre's sister. I puked on Pre's track.
Seattle Rock'n'Roll ... I registered for this because some stranger on the internet told me to. I'm glad I did, and I am sooo glad I met her. Yay for Abby!!
I hated nearly everything about the Lacamas Lake half marathon. I will never do it again. Look at that ridiculous "medal".
For the Disneyland Half, Team Jam was born. I finally got to meet Rose! Life hasn't been the same since. Yay!  And speaking of medals - I went home with TWO from that race. Hello Coast to Coast!
Portland Half Marathon brought a surprise PR. I also got to meet Pre's older sister, Jeff Galloway and Frank Shorter!

The Runaway Pumpkin was my first costumed half marathon. I never thought I'd see the day I ran in a bushy tail and ears! For this one Kim and I got to run with Donna, Jules and the Cilley Girl!
Las Vegas Rock'n'Roll -- I think we ALL read about how that race went down overall. I still loved it!!
Walt Disney World Half Marathon -- I got to run with  Abby and Fred. I named us Pineapple Express. We were as dysfunctional as a bunch of potheads would be after smoking too much Pineapple Express. I had a blast!
My best friend was my partner for the Walt Disney World Inaugural Marathon Relay. We are Agony of d'Feet ... and we are awesome!!
Then came number 12! AND a new PR - at the Heart Breaker Half Marathon.

What a year it has been. I'm thinking I'll back off on racing this year - or mix up the distances a bit? Who knows. I'm just going to keep working and building ... building up to something BIG!

Thank you ALL for all of the support you've given to me in this last year (the Oscar's are on, this is my chance for a speech!). More than one of you have had to see me crying, and not always happy tears -- Runaway Pumpkin anyone?!? Fortunately I haven't puked on any of you ... yet - but it was a close call for Team Jam with TWO moments of gag reflex popping up. And all the advice - I've learned so much from all of you. Thank you! You like me, you really like me!

**I just realized I ignored an assload of other non-half marathon medals. Yeah, another post for another day!**


  1. huge congrats on getting 12 1/2s over the last year. Whatever you decide to accomplish for 2012, I'm sure you'll have fun doing it :)

  2. I didn't realize Princess was your 1st half! That's pretty cool. I will have that tiara medal one day; next year is it's 5th anniversary so you know what that means: Special edition medal!!

    Look at you and all your medals! I'd sleep with one tonight, it always makes me feel better (it's usually The Donald one. But that is my fav medal no matter what).

    I love your description of us b/c it's totally true! love. it.

  3. The Donald medal is pretty damn awesome! I don't even know what my favorite is, but that is probably top 3!

    Pineapple Express -- the group of misfits! We still make me smile!

  4. Great job last year! I love the back off comment, you mean after the races you already have scheduled. :)

  5. Awww! Gotta love all that bling, for sure! Why else would we do it, anyway? LOL

    See you on Sunday for some Shamrockin'!

  6. Loved all the pictures....That's an awesome amount of 1/2's you have done. I'm soo jealous.

  7. Meeting at the porta potties is how all the cool people meet, or so I've been told. 12 in 12 = ULTIMATE BAD ASS!!

  8. You so totally rock!! (Yes, I did Turtle Talk with Crush this weekend. Ha!). 12 in 12 - that's so impressive!!

  9. i found your blog through a google image search for a specific medal. your photo with the lucamas (sp?) medal popped up in the image search. i had to follow it through to hear the story. glad i did. You write really well. are you still using this blog or did you stop using it in early 2012? i'd love to hear more about your running escapades.


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