To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.
-Steve Prefontaine
Make it simple, but significant.
- Don Draper

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Writer's block is annoying. I'm sure the block is due to the fact that my mind is either thinking about running (shhhhhhocker) OR I'm busy dwelling on the big rumor figuring out how to process it. Happily, with regard to the rumor, I have forgiven 2/3 of the spreaders. One was totally meaning it harmless - being a dude, he was clueless about the nastiness of it all and just talking to his bromance partner. And the other? Well she is a young girl, she heard something she thought was juicy and didn't assess the reality of what she was saying, and she has a crush on someone it involves, so why not run and go tell him what she heard? But the originator? Honestly,I don't see forgiveness happening. I think it is beyond repair. Sad, but then it was so horrible and mean that I won't ever forget it. Que sera sera, you live and learn!

I was listening to Adam Carolla's podcast at lunch yesterday. They were talking about Steve Martin wearing a toupee! Did you know this??? One person on the show questioned if they were "outing" him and the others said No, that it was just kind of a known thing. Crazy! I never knew.

I'm trying to write about my training once a week, but last night's run was AWESOME! Bill Murray told Phil in Groundhog Day .... "Don't drive angry." Well, if you run angry you can go so fast and strong and long! It was sweet!! My coach told me last week, when I wanted a pep talk, to think "Light. Easy. Smooth." I've been doing that and it worked, too! Pretty sure I'll be in the next Olympics in 4 years. Watch for me. You can say you knew me when!

Boston. Any ideas on what I should wear for my "big" race? I'm just clueless. I'm kind of thinking that it might be a time to rock the "rainbow colored socks"?!? Just not yet having a vision of what else to wear. I'm sure they frown upon running in ONLY socks. And let's face it, I am so freaking prude I wouldn't dare do that. I don't even take off my swimsuit at the YMCA! I get out of the pool, dip into the hot tub to warm up, dry off, throw on pants and go out into the cold still wet - but at least warm from the hot tub!

Okay, that's all I've got. Wait, I need a cool looking, not old lady frumpy gigantic messenger bag. I believe this to be a necessity for Boston! Ideally I want this PanAm bag I found, but $88 is too much for a bag. I mean I could do some races instead. Any suggestions on where to find THE perfect bag?

And again -- thank you so, so much for all of the very supportive and uplifting comments as of late. I don't mean to be a Debi Downer. That's normally not my style! I CAN promise you this though, no matter what you hear, you don't have to hide yo' kids, hide yo' wives, or hide yo' husbands ... you don't have to watch out. I'm not trying to trick any of them into getting me pregnant! If that was my method of operation I could have had like 23 children by now.


...we may now resume normal blogging....


  1. I don't know what happened but I'm sorry people can be so mean. :( Feel better soon!

  2. Funny you didn't know about Steve Martin! It's kind of hard to picture him without hair though.

  3. So i was on a quest to find the perfect messanger bag and i don't know that i ever found it. REI does have some good options.


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