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-Steve Prefontaine
Make it simple, but significant.
- Don Draper

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Week 2: Blah. The Next Will Be Better

I don't have much to say about this week. My body hurt a lot at the beginning because of last week's fall. So I had to postpone a run one day. This got me off schedule and I skipped a day. AND I skipped all leg work due to aching knees. My long run sucked a bunch. I turned 10 miles into 5.

In happy news, swim class was really fun and I had good workouts every day!

Obviously this hasn't been the greatest week. I realized I'm kind of going through a little grieving process over this whole thing where I'm realizing a friend isn't a friend. Today I'm in the anger phase. I'm hoping it passes. I finally talked to my mom about all of it and I feel a bit better.

I'm going to brainstorm and come up with something fun to post!

In the end-- my running was 15 miles. I hoped for 20. 25 were planned. I'm okay with the shorter week though. I need ease into this hard core bad ass lifestyle.

***Did you all like Madonna at Half Time? For this one day I decided to forgive her for all of her "accents". This made me remember Madonna from the good old days. I wanted to go roller skating.

OH - and only 2 weeks until my 12th half marathon in a year. Can you believe it?!? I know I sure can't!


  1. Not all training weeks are good. It's how you respond to the bad weeks, and how you learn from it.

  2. Friend, I am sending you hugs all the way from ATL.

    I loved Madonna's half time show performance! I have to tell you that I nearly spit my water out when I read your quip about the accents.

  3. I thought Madonna was great. Better than expected.
    I love how you turned 10 into 5. We've all been there.
    Yesterday was a great day, but I went to bed alone, as S found Titanic on the TV around bedtime. Thought about you, I hope this week is a better one.

  4. You'll do better this week. Just don't try to leave such an impression on the roads from now on. ;-)

  5. Like A Prayer is my favorite Madonna song, so I was totally pumped!! Loved it!!!

    So hey, maybe the runs didn't work out like you expected. But you loved your swim class, right? So any time you can find a positive about one part of your training, I think that is great!

  6. I like Madonna when she was younger. Nothing against the "Now" Madonna but I think she is trying too hard to keep up with the young kids in the industry and not aging gracefully.


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