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Saturday, March 3, 2012

I Bought "All the Things"

Giraffy cracks me up when she says All the Things - so I totally stole it from her for this blog. Thanks!

My  mom and step-dad went to the gun show a couple weeks ago. Ever since they (my step-dad mainly) have been on a kick that my parental figures need guns (for safety, not for hunting). I did agree to go to a women's self defense course where we'd learn how to fend off home intruders and how to operate a gun, just in case. Well today was an early bird sale ... on guns. 

At 8:30am we left my mom's house and went north to the "big city" for the gun sale. Good lord. I walked into the store with them and just continued walking out the opposite door into the mall. Naturally their store had to be at the ghetto mall. Entertaining myself could be difficult.

In the end I had FOUR hours to kill in a mall with more vacant spots than businesses. Great. So what happens when I am killing time in a mall?

I buy all the things!

1 non-running hat
1 running skirt/capri combo
1 running shirt
2 running capris
2 sets of running shorts (is it a set? a pair? I mean it is just ONE short.)
1 sports bra
2 work skirts
1 work/going out shirt
1 pair of knee socks for the Shamrock 15K
1 Amy Winehouse CD
1 Diet Pepsi
1 side salad
1 pair of new Adidas running shoes

Then... at Dick's Sporting Goods
1 swimming suit (do we call it a swim suit? bathing suit?)
2 running shorts
1 running compression short (I just love making traditionally plural words in the fashion world a singular)
2 Clif gels

Tomorrow I'm taking these new beauties out for a double digit mile run. I cannot wait!!


  1. Those are PRETTY!!! It looks like you had fun shopping:)

  2. i wish i had gone shopping with you!! and those shoes look super fast (i have a similar pair in blue) :)

  3. Love your shopping haul!! Those shoes are killer...the color is awesome! So jealous.

  4. Good finds on your shopping trip!

  5. That is some shopping! Cute shoes.

  6. I will never get a gun or learn how to use it. Scares the crap out of me!

  7. What a fun shopping spree!

  8. Heck, for all you spent on useless stuff, I could have bought another gun.

  9. Those shoes are fantastic! What model and color are they?! I'm always looking for functional but cool does for my wife!

    1. They are Adidas - Liquid I think is the model. Soooo comfy!! I have them in two different colors because I loved them that much!


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