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-Steve Prefontaine
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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I Know Why ... the Rum is Gone.

**First up, I was pleasantly surprised at all of the comments on yesterday's post. Thanks! It was just my own little way of writing down my realization that I really do perform better when I don't worry! If I just go out and enjoy everything and not set goals ... it never fails I actually feel better, physically and mentally, and my times just keep getting faster that way. And before I ramble I wanted to make sure that the blog world knew in no way was I calling Giraffy - or any of you - a fasthole. I strictly save that silly little term for 4 specific people not at all involved in blogland. Giraffy is the raddest person - my therapist - and my educator on all things Evan Dando. I just adore her!**

And with that ... grab a glass, get some ice, let's talk rum!

As I mentioned before, Saturday I rather spontaneously decided to just run my own half marathon. There was wind, rain, some lambs and some singing at the top of my lungs while running along I-5 where nobody could possibly hear me. I had a blast! I tackled hills I'd normally walk up (I ran half way up each, which is already a HUGE hill improvement for me. Yay!!) and I was able to just zone out and skip Jeff Galloway's intervals and just run. I felt fabulous!

But when it ended I had no space blanket. I had no medal. My pets didn't even give me half of a semi-green banana. What the hell?!?  Instead of the regular post-race celebration I hopped in the shower and formulated a plan. What better way to celebrate that planning a girl day in the big city?? -- Ha, okay, you Oregonians know that ANY city is big compared to where I live!

I decided to invite myself to crash at The Coach's house so we could talk about our respective long runs - and he has a nice warm fire place and two dogs that I am absolutely in love with. To help me celebrate, he fixed me a tasty rum & Coke .. Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum to be exact. Let's just say I NEVER saw the bottom of the glass. I kept refilling before it could empty. Um... I pretty much sang and danced along with the Smooth Soul infomercial for the entire hour it was on. He and I have watched it before and find it to be so damn funny - and now I just put a new, drunk spin on it. I can't even tell you the last time I drank, so it didn't take long for the songstress to come out. I ended up in full party mode. Surprisingly he is still speaking to me! 

When I woke up in the morning he was already gone for his 3rd insanely long run of the week. (This, my friends, is why HE is running the Boston Marathon and I am only going as the cheerleader!) Yeah, I woke up still tipsy. The dogs and I continued the party while I got ready to meet Cilley Girl for our shopping day. Once I saw her I had to warn her that not only did I have some Meniere's related vertigo going on, I was still a bit rummy. Oy!

We had a blast shopping. We always do. And we are terrible at shopping together ... because we are so good at it! New running clothes for all I say! And you could tell I was in post-run celebration mode when I actually had enough oomph in me to put on the sunglasses (very incognito, right?) and go into "that" store to check out a Prefontaine shirt I saw in the window. I may have bought it ... if it wasn't in "that" store. After shopping I had to visit the Coach again to get my things. At one point in the day - as I was trying to sleep on his couch - I caught him smirking. I don't even want to know why! My memory of the night is a bit sketchy. Oops.

It is now Monday night (as I type this) and I am finally feeling "normal" again. I'm maybe NOT going to drink the other half of the bottle this upcoming weekend. Well ... if I hit 100 miles for the month, I just might.

And what did you do this weekend? Do you have a favorite type of rum? Does Sailor Jerry rum knock you on your ass, too?? I think the Captain is better for this lightweight!


  1. Sailor Jerry makes me walk the plank every time. EVERY TIME.

  2. I gave up the hard stuff for nearly three months, after the Captain and I got into a 100 Proof fight. Bastard cheats I tell you! I am a wee bit of a rum aficionado, and my favorite is a Cuban rum that got moved to Puerto Rico, Bacardi. If you don't follow that, it is OK. The PR rums are good, don't get me wrong, but that particular Cuban expat is dang fine, and I've never had a bad one. I have a new one sitting at home waiting for me to open and try its sure to be deliciousness.

    1. So the Captain kicked your ass, eh?

    2. Well over half of the bottle was consumed by me...yeah, he kinda kicked my arse that night.

  3. Haha!! So I'm not much of a rum person but this totally brings to mind the scene from Pirates!!

    1. I believe at one point I did declare I was a pirate ... proceeded to just drink straight from the bottle!

      Where the heck was Captain Jack when I needed him?!?


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