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-Steve Prefontaine
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Thursday, March 1, 2012

If Only There Was Video

First times are often quite memorable. This week I had a big first for me – running wise. As a storm came rolling in I watched the weather get nastier by the minute. My 5 miles seemed to be in jeopardy. Remembering that my mom has a brand new treadmill, I joked about going to her house to run. Then suddenly that joke was a reality. I imagine it was a good decision. Over the course of my drive to her house I watched the temperature go from 41º to 38º… the drive was NOT that long or far. The rain seemed to get more texture with each drop as well. Yeah, as much as I didn't want to resort to it, Tuesday night I lost my treadmill virginity.

It was nice to be in summer clothes. I mean a skirt with no capris? A tank top? No Garmin? I admit I felt naked without the Garmin on, but it was kind of nice to not have all my gadgets and gizmos attached to my body.

After a quick orientation to show me how I can change speeds (I had to figure out how to do my 4:1 intervals on this huge contraption) my mom left me to my own devices. I had the TV on, my phone near by and I was running.

That peace I had didn’t last long. I never quit running, but I started melting immediately. I knew that phone would come in handy! While running I called my mom. She never answered, but soon she was there. I needed her to open the window. I was maybe one mile in? Maybe.

The next thing I knew I was taking off my shirt. Me?? Running in only a sports bra? Unheard of. I was dripping. I started hollering for assistance. Nobody was listening.
Hello? I need help in here. Hello!!! Can’t you hear me?? How can you not hear me when I am yelling at the top of my lungs?? I am dying in here. Hello!?!?!?!  HELP!!
My step-dad then enters wondering what the hell is happening. I try to tell him I am melting and I want a cold, wet towel ASAP. He doesn’t care. He wants to see what pace I’m running at, how far I’ve gone and how long I’ve been running. He leaves. I keep running.

A couple minutes later my mom rescues me with a cold wet towel – which ended up being worn across various body parts throughout the run. So. Damn. Hot. I could feel the heat pouring in and smell the fire place. It was almost snowing outside and I was melting.

The nice part of the run was the television programming. Leave it to me to spend my 5 miles of sweat watching a lovely documentary about the final moments of the Titanic. Addiction. Running + Titanic doc = perfect combo!

Oh wait, it gets better! I finish my run and realize nobody told me how to stop the treadmill. I was going at a pretty fast pace as I always do at the end of a run. I was so hot that I wasn’t thinking clearly and I just pulled off the safety cord thing when I hit 5 miles. Thinking it would stop right away I eased up on my legs. Next thing I know they are tripping up underneath my body and I am down. Boom. I hit the treadmill and it flings me right off the back into the wall. 

Yeah, that hurt.


  1. That is pretty funny. I run a lot on a treadmill, so I am sort of jealous that you run outside so much.

    I run intervals on a treadmill, but I always write down my intervals, the next speed, the timie, etc., in advance. That way I know at 10:00 go to 8.2; 15:00 go to 6.2, etc. Much, much easier than trying to figure it out while you are running.

  2. this

    not to mention all kinds of FREAKING happy!!

  3. I have not fallen off my treadmill, have stumbled a couple of times when I get focused on what I am watching. :)

  4. Your post made me giggle!! I can only imagine the delirium from the heat...and flying off the treadmill...that sounds like something that only happens in the movies or on TV shows! :)

    Glad you're okay though! :)

  5. You fell off the treadmill! HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHA

    But, hey, you survived it. So, you don't have to be afraid of that anymore.

  6. Ouch! I hope you know the right way to stop the treadmill now, right?

  7. LOl that's funny about stopping it! I hate the treadmill, so boring and hot! But is good in a pinch :)

  8. Ha! Thanks for the laugh. Good job for losing your treadmill virginity. :)
    They say the first time isn't always "vavavoom!"

  9. Oh my gosh!! Thanks for the laugh!! It sounds like something I would do.

  10. You're such a mess.
    And that's why I like you!
    Oh, friend! You're too much.

  11. Video moment for sure :-) Hope you are OK xx

  12. Ouch, that sounds like it hurt!


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