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Thursday, March 15, 2012

It's App-solutely Addicting!

You know you've reached the peak of boredom when you are deliberately looking for apps on the iPhone ... just because. I've now discovered joy in finding free apps, downloading and then categorizing and arranging. Just today I've added USA Today, The Weather Channel, Orbitz, Kayak, Hopstop and more. The day is young, who knows what else I'll add??

I'm so excited for Boston. I have 4 apps just sitting there waiting to be helpful once I land in this new part of the world. 

*Side note, I just got a major craving for a Chips Ahoy cookies. Do they still make those? I kid you not, I haven't had one since the summer before 9th grade when I was in Hawaii and went through probably 2 packages of them.*

So in my quest to go overboard with apps I am here to ask you ... do you have any favorites that you just love? Better yet - any FREE favorites??

Is this the lamest post I've had in ages? Probably. I've got writers block, actually.

I'll babble about running a bit. The Coach is sick. I mean like gross sounding sick. I called him last night and hardly recognized his voice. Hopefully it doesn't get worse and starts to clear soon since we are doing the Shamrock 15K this weekend. HE is the reason I registered for this bitch of a race, so dammit, he HAS to run it, too! And speaking of Shamrock, I am sooo excited!! I get to hang out with Kim, S, Jules, Donna and the Cilley Girl again. Sure, I just saw 3 of them last month, but come on - do you ever get sick of seeing your running buddies? Heck no! That reminds me, I need to book my Seattle hotel room. Talk about excited!!!! I get to be reunited with my very first running partner ever, Lesley AND 2/3 of Team Jam will be together again. Hot diggity dog!! If you could all pop over to Rose's blog and convince her to head up to Seattle this June, too, that would be great. Really. Pretty please? Go peer pressure her for me. I WANT TO SEE ROSE!!!

And I'll end on a Great note! I didn't get to run last night because of some vertigo. The night before I was having a great run, which ended early because of the vertigo. Normally I'd be really cranky about this, but this week I don't even care. Why? Because Monday morning I met with a specialist to talk about my Meniere's. I passed my hearing test with flying colors! No permanent hearing loss for me yet. (Hearing loss is a common occurrence for Meniere's people.) Also I have no need for any radical treatment in my near future. As far as one can be with Meniere's, the doctor says I'm doing great and to just maintain. I don't even have to go back for another year - unless something happens between now and then and I choose to go in. What a relief!!

Alright - so hit me up about the apps you love that I need to try!!

P.S. I am soooo excited to see this:


  1. Find Hanging with Friends and Scramble with Friends, then play me! My name is (Just) Trying, or you can link up through FB. See you Saturday!

  2. I agree about Scramble with Friends, it's fun!

    1. Okay, clearly I need to get in on this whole Scramble with Friends thing!

  3. Scramble with Friends is amazeballs. If you are looking for a super awesome fun running app...try Zombies, RUN! It is so awesome. It is kind of like being in a video game with your running. Plus I love Zombies, and you are trying to escape from them. Of course, I love all things Zombie, so I guess I'm a little partial. :) (here's a video of it

    1. Perhaps I should check that out - maybe it would be good 'training' for when zombies do take over!

  4. I'm obsessed with Instagram but I'm pretty sure you have that. I love Foodgawker and craftgawker. Flipboard is pretty cool too!

  5. No help on the apps I'm afraid - I just joined the cool club and haven't really downloaded too many apps.

    Oh! I need to book my Seattle hotel too. I'm thinking a hotel will be waaaay less stressful.

  6. Blogger has an app. . .Just found that out.

    Cardstar, it scans all your rewards cards barcodes so you dont need them on your keychain anymore. Its amazing.

    Mouse Trivia, bc I'm a dork like that.

    And Rock-n-Roll.

    1. I might have that Mouse Trivia one, actually. I know I have something like that anyway!


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