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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My Opinions on Running Clothes

First 2 short things.
Heel striking (which I accidentally just typed as "Hell" striking. Ha!): The Coach always thought I was a heel striker because he has seen my official race photos. While running he hung back to the side and watched and was shocked that I am NOT a heel striker. So I had to clarify --- it never fails when I see an official photographer on the course I fix my posture, I try to remove 2 or 3 chins, I smile and then my whole form just changes and I always end up having a heel strike. I figure that's okay - because heel or not, those pictures where it is the worst are always where I actually look the best!

10K PR time: I've done 4 10K races in my life. The first was on the hardest trail course and kicked my ass. The 2nd one, I set what is now my current PR (July 4, 2010). The last 2 are the Prefontaine Memorial with the notoriously crazy non-stop up and down action. I want a new PR! It's been close to 2 years since I set that one and it is time to speed it up. So I spontaneously registered for a race this Saturday in Eugene. Time to get out of my half marathon race mind-set and switch it over to shorter and faster!

And now my little product review! Nobody is paying me or giving me free stuff to do this - but Adidas people, I wouldn't turn it down. Same to you, Fila peeps. I just happened to have that little shopping spree and thought I'd give my opinion on some of the new things I was testing out! Let's start at the top and work our way down, okay? Great.

Head band: First time being worn - NO bobby pins holding it in place. This little blue, with green trim number was created by yours truly ... and my mommy!

runDisney shirt: Made by Champion, I picked this up at the WDW Marathon expo. Aside from being totally cute, in my opinion, it is super comfy. I've worn it a lot, but this was the first time wearing it while running. No issues with it at all. It was a runner's dream!

Fila seamless sports bra: I chose hot pink - because that was the color my size was. I'm pretty much very simple when it comes to sports bras. Being not of the busty nature, I can find something try it on and boom, it works. Of course I bet there are many that would be too big, but whatever. I hardly noticed I was wearing a bra! And I don't mean the girls were just bouncing all over. Everything felt in place as it should be, but nothing was ever riding up or irritating me. And the material is soft, stretchy. This might be my favorite sports bra now!

The bra - NOT on my mannequin body
Zensah arm sleeves: Zensah has made me happy. Zensah has disappointed me. The compression leg sleeves? Compression? psh. Doesn't happen. The capris I bought? See through, snagged when I was just opening the package, come up to my boobs and are basically a full body onesie. But the arm sleeves? I love them! Not constricting. Easy to get on. Easy to slide down while running if you do get too warm. I've raced in these in the rain and they kept me warm and didn't even feel like I was wearing something wet on my body. I think I've had these, wow... I've had them for a long time. They are great!

Fila running skirt/capri combo: Brand new, picked these up during the sale. (Fila was 45% off at Kohls!) The skirt has a cute little side seam action, but you can't really tell in this photo. I thought it gave a solid black skirt some personality. There is a pocket on the left side that I put my iPod in and never had issue with it. It was so easy to pull out when I wanted to change play lists, too! The capris were very comfy. I never got too hot on this day, and also stayed warm in the shady parts. I pretty much love it and will probably wash it and wear it for that upcoming 10K this weekend!

Running Skirts compression socks: Also not exactly new at all, but whatever. I love them! I wish they'd make more colors. My legs feel happy when I wear them. I save them for long runs and races only. And as far as price goes, these are on the cheaper end of the spectrum, so yay!

Adidas Liquid running shoes: L.O.V.E. Even lighter than the Adidas that I have been racing in for the last few months. They gave me a spring in my step! Super flexible. Cute. Comfy. My feet didn't get too hot or have a single complaint. No rubbing. No blisters. No blood. I feel bad for cheating on my other Adidas with them, but hopefully they'll learn to share. I'm rotating between 3 pairs of shoes now (1 Nike, 2 Adidas) and will probably not be wearing the Nikes as often, as they are noticeably heavier and thicker.

So that's it! Also I have on my Road ID and a Garmin. If you don't have a Road ID yet, go out and get one. I haven't needed it, but I feel so much safer just knowing that if something does happen at least they know who I am, my age and can get in touch with my family!  *Lesley gave me the sunglasses before the Princess Half. Super comfy... and helpful!


  1. Love the product review! Go get your new 10K PR!

  2. HOORAYS for product reviews! But also hooray for the cuteness. Because as everyone knows, the cuter the clothes, the better the run. Or at least you feel better about it! HA!

  3. Ooooh love the review, just googled and I can actually get Zensah arm sleeves in the UK, going to order a pair and the kids can call it a mothers day present :-)

  4. Great product reviews. I love Running Skirts compression socks too. Go get your 10K PR!!

  5. I forgot you got that shirt. It looks super cute!


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