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Monday, March 5, 2012

Week 5: The Coach Un-Friended Me?!?!

The week ended up pretty damn good! I did skip my Friday swim class because my teacher had indicated she might not be there due to a pending booty call in Portland. My 5:15am alarm went off and I thought, "Do I really want to get up, get my suit on and find out nobody else is there?" So I decided to re-set my alarm for 7am. I was happy with that decision! I finished out my week day shorter runs on the treadmill. That made 3 runs on the treadmill for the week (and for my entire life thus far). After falling off on the first try we got a little smarter. For the next runs I wore even less clothes, had my PowerAde within reach and learned how to actually STOP the treadmill. My mom was a dear and had the window pre-opened before I arrived, had 3 wet towels draped over the treadmill for me and even lined the floor behind me with pillows ... just in case. She's so funny!

In running news ... The Coach had the nerve to unfriend me on facebook! WHAT?? Apparently I am (in my words based on what he said) "annoying". Psh. He has like 40 friends. They are old people. They don't even know how to use a computer, let alone how to use facebook to interact with friends. So I got deleted! Asshole! I may or may not be done giving him a hard time about it. He says this way he can't make fun of me and my posts anymore. Apparently my Angelina Jolie leg photo was the last straw. Come on - that was some good stuff!! So I may have had some facebook fun at his expense, which of course he already knows about so it isn't like I'm a 12 year old girl doing anything behind his back. So while I'm too annoying to be facebook friends with, I DID get invited to join him on his long run on Sunday. Naturally I accepted the offer!

 My dog and I were up early and met up with him and his handsome dogs at his ranch. Lady is such a little flirt, let me tell you! She loves his boys and is I think trying to make BOTH of them her boyfriend! Leaving the dogs behind, The Coach took me up to a trail I had never been on before. It was an absolutely beautiful day (I even turned a little pink!) for a run. Dogs and people were everywhere, yet it still felt nice and clear on the path. We ran the first mile together and then I sent him on his way for his much faster pace. I was pretty proud of myself for skipping the walking intervals and hitting the first 1.3 miles non-stop. His plan was 14 miles, mine was 10. Mid-run I decided to go for 10.5 to get me to a nice 27 miles for the week -- my highest mileage week ever, other than WDW Marathon weekend!

Blair Witch meets my Run
The path was lovely and had a great mix of sun and shade. I enjoyed the scenery a lot and decided to get photos to share... for the blog, of course! I liked this cute bridge. It was so quiet with only the sound of the water below me. This path actually has mile markers! We started at the 3 mile spot. At the 6 mile marker I saw The Coach's Gatorade. I knew he usually stashes his drinks for the way back, so I HAD to do something. I was trying to make a tee pee around it, but when that didn't work right away I thought it would be fun to Blair With Project the bottle, and make a creepy stick person on top of it. It humored me.

About a mile later I got to the reservoir. It was nice! Sunshine, water, birds and snow all in one view! I ran along this for over a mile. What a lovely change from my regular sights! I was just over 5 miles in and about to turn around when I saw The Coach on his return. We did pause a bit and I gave him a hard time. He said it was just one gradual uphill for a mile, then flat. Whatever - this sucker was uphill the whole time! He said, "No! It just feels like that ... BOTH ways!" What?? He was right. I kid you not, this path seriously felt like one huge uphill coming AND going. Ugh. I told him I left a little present for him on the path and that he was sure to see it. We separated and continued on our way. 

The Coach's design
My second half was much better. I felt stronger and faster as I went on. When I got back to the 6 mile marker I found my own little "hello" in the path way! Cracked me up. I'm pretty shocked that Mr. Boston paused during his long run to do something so silly! I continued on my way and met up with him again for the last mile. It was a great run and I hope to return to that path again.

And just to show how clearly I am the fun, lively one and he is lame for unfriending me, I thought this photo clearly shows off the differences in personality. One is obviously colorful, energetic, friendly, full of pizazz. And the other? Well..... Whatever. He still adores me.

He says he'll run with me again, so I guess I passed! AND he was apparently shocked to watch me run and deem me a NON-heel striker!


  1. non heels striker??
    I'll have to unfriend you now.

  2. Wahoo!!! What an awesome, fun run!!

    That path seriously looks beautiful. I am totally jealous of you now, you know.

  3. so you may have blogged this and I just happen to miss it, but how did you come across your coach? come to think of it... i even may have already asked you. memory isn't what it used to be

  4. Non heel striker?
    Ok. You have to ask your momma to video you when you run on that treadmill. :)
    I'm gonna have to see this!

  5. What a beautiful path to run on! Love it!!

  6. I think it would've been funnier if it wasn't his Gatorade and you freaked a random runner out.

  7. I admit that part of me did hope it wasn't his Gatorade just because that would have REALLY cracked me up!


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