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-Steve Prefontaine
Make it simple, but significant.
- Don Draper

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Week 6: Defeat, Success, Hills

What a week of ups and downs! As I type this on my phone I am listening to The Coach and his dogs snoring. It was just that kind of week!

I made it to swim class two days. The day I skipped I just didn't have it in me and only worked half a day as it is. The days I went to were great though!

The running. Ugh. My first run of the week was dreadful. I did 5 miles on the treadmill at it was awful. I stopped too many times to just sit and cry. There might be an IT band issue in the works. After that run I felt like biggest failure and was ready to quit being a runner.

The next run was a complete turn around. The sun was out and so were the people! It felt wonderful to be in just a skirt and short sleeves. My legs were so happy to be out in nature again! I tossed out the Galloway method and just ran.... completing my fastest 5 miles ever!

Then I ran a race. That post will come later!

And finally today. The Coach and I were both still tired from racing but we tackled hills anyway! I HATE hills, so there was a lot of trickery on his part to get me to the top of them - even his dogs were showing off and out running me. 5K later I survived the hardest hill workout if my life. Now... I'm exhausted and kicking back soaking up my own little comeback story!

Next week... More swimming, more running and a lot more hills at the next race!


  1. You are incredible!! So proud of are awesome!

  2. Great job! You did a race AND a hill work out? What a rockstar!

    1. Oh man - it was hard! Had The Coach not been right next to me pushing me I don't think that 5K would have happened. It was supposed to be only 1 mile, too!

  3. Well done, I've never even tried a hill workout, gentle inclines still freak me out :-)

    1. Ugh - you're telling me! What I call an incline The Coach calls FLAT. Pshaw, no way!


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