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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Boston Brain

Forget about thinking about work. Forget about thinking about household chores. Forget about thinking about watching The New Girl tonight. Okay, who am I kidding ... I never miss The New Girl. I'll be there for that. Running running running, this girl must go running, rawhide! I think my new plan is to hit the store, grab a memory card for my camera, pick up some Meniere's meds for the trip and then rush home to run.

Then .... Boston Brain has full permission to go ca-Rae-zy! Last night the Coach and I both procrastinated on the packing. I did at least iron some clothes and lay them in my suitcase. Tonight is the BIG pack. Accessories, shoes, make-up ... the important things! And I guess I'll pack that little bib pick up card for the B.A.A. 5K while I'm at it.

This is my desktop photo on my phone.

The Coach is officially frazzled. I find it adorable. He is freaking out about everything. I may have never shared how I even got myself going on this trip. Back before Christmas the Coach was at my desk and naturally we were talking running. He wanted to know all about my plan to run back to back half marathons and I wanted to know all about Boston. When I found out he was going alone I offered myself up! I mean wouldn't he need someone there to cheer for him as he ran by? Maybe he'd need someone to help carry his things after he has finished running and is basking in the glory? Wouldn't vacation be more fun with a friend anyway? Now mind you, at the time I invited myself along I feel like he had finally just learned I have a name and it wasn't just Crazy Sock Girl. After Disney and hanging out a little he invited me along, and not even as a joke. So here we are. About 24 hours until we leave on this crazy little trip together. And now I am doing my "job". I've spent the day trying to keep him calm, assuring him that I will get our boarding passes in the morning. I've been working on my spectating strategy - which is still up in the air, so any suggestions are welcome!! I think I will make my own list of HIS things so when we meet at his house after work I can do a verbal check to make sure he doesn't pull a Paris. Pull a Paris?? Yeah, he checked EVERYTHING when he went to Paris to run their marathon. Guess what - luggage was lost. Guess who had to buy and race in brand new everything! Yep.

I'm ready for my role as the calm assistant. I am thinking we need some sort of signal for when we want to strangle each other. I mean we are together a lot - but never for a week straight. Hopefully he gets used to me when I'm feeling twirly! And he better be prepared to smile when I scream his name on the race course. I've NEVER spectated before, so I get ONE shot at the best race photo ever and I have no clue how to do it!

And in the mean time I've been spending a lot of time drooling over Ramin Karimloo. You know, of course. Of course I finally have a crush on a STRAIGHT guy - and he's married - and famous, too, of course. He is so freaking gorgeous. And to top it off his voice? I could listen to it all night. In fact that's what I did last night!

Um, to summarize.... I'm going to BOSTON!!!!!!


  1. Come up with a code word... you know... like when good pain turns bad... or freaky sex gets too freaky... only it will be for when you feel like "I wanna strangle you so STFU and/or GTFO". ;-) I think it will work!

    1. Okay! So a safe word it is ... clearly that word will be Pineapple.

  2. Sounds like a ton of fun! I can't wait to read about it when you get back!

    1. If I can sneak in a moment - perhaps I'll post while I'm there!


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