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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Boston Diaries: THE Marathon

I imagine most of you know more about the finer details of the day's activities than I do since I was dependent on the official Twitter feed that stopped when the men were at mile 18 or so.

I can tell you that yes, it was damn hot!! I can tell you of three people that I know dropped out.... Last year's winner being one and then two people (one I actually know, the other the son of a woman I was sitting by) that are "normal" runners. It was a long, crazy day with all sorts of emotions - for the spectators and the runners!

The Coach came through with a huge smile on his face and that made my hours camped out at 26.1 miles all worthwhile!

Having never spectated a race before, I can't imagine other races comparing to this at all. And now I have a wicked sunburn, as they say. The good news is (or is it good?) I have my voice back!

Today is our last day. I am bummed about that, but it will be a fun one!


  1. I am so glad you had such an awesome time. YAY!!!

  2. Always wanted to go to Boston! Glad you are having a great time--love your outfit :)

  3. YAY for Boston!! So jealous! But happy you enjoyed your trip! :) Sounds like a blast!! :)

  4. I just realized you are dressed in teh Boston Marathon colors. Cute! :D

    1. That was totally coincidental, too! I didn't pack for a heat wave and ended up wearing clothes I brought to wear on a training run. Worked out quite nicely!


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