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Monday, April 23, 2012

Fenway + Fruit Fly = Love!

Okay, I'll just admit it right off the bat ... I cannot stand baseball when it is on TV and I am forced to watch it*. It is brutally painful. I want to stab my eyes out. In grade school I loved when we got to play it in P.E. I was actually pretty good and had my own bat and ball that I'd practice with after school with my grandpa. But watching it?? UGH .... torture. (*Turns out IN Boston I like watching the Red Sox on TV. Who knew?!?)

That was until the 2011 Princess Half Marathon trip. My mom LOVES baseball. She actually grew up watching her older brother play. He was the catcher. Who was the pitcher? My step-dad! So she has childhood memories and has always been around the sport. Since she came all the way to Florida with me to watch me run I thought it would be nice to spend that afternoon at the Atlanta Braves Spring Training game. That game seemed to almost start a new tradition. After my second half marathon I went to sit by my uncle and grandpa at an OSU baseball game. The night before the Seattle Rock'n'Roll Half Marathon I took myself to a Seattle Mariners game. Turns out I really like baseball in person!

The Coach is a HUGE Red Sox fan. I mean his fandom is so big he was just on the cover of the Eugene newspaper last week, on the Portland news Friday night and keeps popping up on countless websites for his replica of Fenway Park that he and his son built on his ranch. So... with that said, there was no way I was going with him to Boston and not going to a game at Fenway Park!

After my 5K we caught the "T" down to Fenway and began an awesome afternoon! I pretty much instantly became a Red Sox fan at first sight. Fenway is soooo cute in a little old man, retro way. I always feel I was born in the wrong time, and at Fenway I felt right at home! I loved how old school it all was - down to the men working the ticket booth!  

We were there early so we had time to walk around the whole park taking pictures and soaking up the baseball energy. The Coach was speechless and covered with goose bumps. It was rather adorable. I did some serious shopping creating the perfect outfit for my first game. I say "first" because I hope to go back for more! I quickly found a restroom to change out of my post-race/pre-baseball clothes. Once I was set we checked out our seats. Oh. My. Gosh. Fabulous location! Perfect view. I felt so close to the field and couldn't wait for the game to start.

But first! Food. I ditched the Coach and returned with a souvenir cup of Coke and a big slice of pizza. I don't even know that it tasted that great - but it was perfect at that moment! After I inhaled it we went on a little tour to see the rest of the park, returning in time for me to get nachos and not a miss a moment of the pre-game action.

It was Jackie Robinson Day, so every player was #42. I had just learned how all of the 42 jerseys have been retired (except for one remaining player) so when they said it was a special day I felt pretty smart for already understanding why!

The game was awesome! The Red Sox were playing the Tampa Rays. Sadly Jacoby Ellsbury (a fellow Oregon Stater!) got hurt so we didn't see him play -- but I found him in the dugout nonetheless! I actually started learning names and remembering players when they were up to bat. There were some exciting moments where even I jumped out of my seat and was yelling for them to round the bases as fast as they could!
Dustin Pedroia
In the 6th inning I made my way back for my last round of food ... souvenir fries in a plastic Red Sox hat! My goal for the game was to eat my weight in baseball food - I came close! Naturally I sang Take Me Out to the Ball game during the 7th Inning Stretch, but the 8th inning was the highlight. Nothing like a stadium full of people singing and dancing to Sweet Caroline! The Coach has full video of my performance. If he remembers to send it to me I might share it with you. I owe him a ton for that afternoon. I was really excited to go to the game, and like the rest of the trip, it exceeded all expectations! Best baseball game EVER!

When I was on my way to get the fries a couple guys in aisle stopped me. "Hey! Weren't you just on the screen dancing?" "What? Me?" "Yeah! You were totally on there. Did you see it?" "Ha! No - I was so busy dancing, I missed it. Dang!"  So for a moment I was famous and dancing to the Jackson 5 on the Fenway Park jumbo tron!

Such a fun time! I can't wait to go back!


  1. We are totally going to a Twins/Sox game in August when we had back!!! I am so glad you loved it there...I can't wait to go myself!!!!

    AHHH I am so jealous you were in Boston, for real!!

    1. I might have to invite myself along on your trip, too! ;)

  2. Ben theah done thaat. (said with that nasally annoying Boston accent) Sox games are cool at Fenway, but yeah, I'd have been at the pub across the street instead.

    1. Grouchy pants. I saw the pub, and it was busy - but I'm happy I was inside instead!

  3. Looks like you had an awesome trip. I like baseball in person also because of the stadium food.

    1. It's spendy ... but sure fun to get and eat!

  4. Boo!! I think the internet just ate my comment. Anyway - how fun!! Going to a game at Fenway is definitely on my bucket list. But yes, attending a game in person is waaaay better than watching on TV.

  5. Looks like a perfect day to go to a baseball game!


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