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-Steve Prefontaine
Make it simple, but significant.
- Don Draper

Monday, May 7, 2012

Just A Little Running Update

I've been hibernating. When real life stresses me I disappear from blog life - so there ya go! I'm feeling a bit more like myself today though, so I thought I'd pop in for a post and talk about .... running! Really other than a race report here and there I haven't discussed it much. 

This is the hat I wanted to wear
when I ran in Boston!
I  just found it a little too late.
I'm back in the swing of regular running now, but sadly had two terrible runs over the weekend. I mean I capped out at 9 miles over the two runs - and both were just awful. Run 1 had me buckling over in pain from I don't even know what - something internal, but what?? Run 2 had me hurting just going a tenth of a mile. I found a lot of calm in stopping to talk with a gigantic squirrel at my turn around point, and I plopped in the grass at my old high school on the way out and the way back. I just didn't have it in me. I think I figured it out .... I went to Boston (yeah, I know, I talk about it way too much, but I just LOVED it) and that was exciting! I had a PR, I watched THE Marathon and I fell in love (with the city). Then I come home and have to go through my usual post-vacation sadness. So then I run Eugene and get a huge PR for myself surpassing any time goal I had ever set for myself. And so then I found myself running... through the park... by the train ... by the ducks... and it just wasn't exciting or special. 

But today is the start of a fresh week! I returned to swim class after taking off last week to recover. I was exhausted all-around after Eugene and just needed to sleep. And to eat. But then something happened. I was starving and then I wasn't. I didn't really eat much of significance for a while last week. I think that, and dehydration, all added together, resulting in some bad runs. Oh well. I always learn from my mistakes. 

Coming up is the Portland Rock'n'Roll Half Marathon. I don't know how I feel about it yet. I'm deciding if I want to push and try my best or run it in my typical laid back fashion. I'm cutting back on races this year (I think) so I don't want to waste my training to then not always give it my all. More important, I have NO clue what to wear yet! I'm suuuuper excited about more girl time and slumber-party fun with Cilley Girl! And the expo - I love big expos and finally I get one again. Okay - so really I just had big in Boston, but the Eugene was so tiny that it made me ready for a Rock'n'Roll expo!

Meanwhile, between PacNW Rock'n'Roll races I'm eyeballing some smaller ones in Eugene. I've never done an 8K before, so I'm thinking I'll register for the Prost8K, then rush home to finish out a very fun weekend on the golf course. Did I mention free pizza and margaritas all weekend on the course?? Um, yes .... perfect reward for an automatic PR? Um, yes!!

So that's all for today I think. I see sunshine out there, but I will resist running today to let my legs recover from their funk. Instead I think tonight I might get my Zumba on in the comfort of my living room!


  1. I'm so glad you ignored me and didn't run Cinco de Mayo with me yesterday. After the train held us up at mile 1 for 16 minutes, I spent the next 6.5 miles trying to figure out a way to quit without getting caught. I would have stopped and picked flowers (a la Fruit Fly at Lacamas Lake) if there had been any on the course. Miles 3-7.5 were basically all uphill. You made a great choice to stay home this past weekend:)

    1. I was soooo close to signing up - then I saw it was practically the same course I've done 3 times now ... and I said No Freaking Way!

      So happy I made that choice!

      When in doubt make bouquets!

  2. You should read my friend's blog post from a few weeks ago:

    It's not always going to be fun. It's mostly going to be uncomfortable. but you'll excel when you start pushing through the unexciting, painful parts and setting new limits for yourself.

    (Obviously this does not take actual, FOR REAL injuries into account)

    1. Read. Absorbed. Took it with me on my next runs!

  3. Sending you a virtual high five and hug. Just because.

    1. Thanks! I didn't respond earlier - because I was holed up being sad. BUT I really enjoyed the hug, just because! Really!

  4. Portland!! Ack!! I haven't figured out what to wear either. I really hope we run into each other!

    1. Let's be sure to exchange cell numbers for ample texting pre-race so we could find each other!


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