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-Steve Prefontaine
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- Don Draper

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Run 1.10 - That Smarts!

Oopsies ... I made a boo-boo. Minor, but still.

I only had 3 miles on the schedule yesterday. No sweat, my pet ... except it was a lot of sweat. Dang it got hot here, of course I say that and it was maybe 72º, which for me is hot! Anyway, back to running. I decided to run a 3 mile route I just created last week, but this time I'd do it backwards. For some reason I decided to go without music. It was kind of nice because I got to hear the crowd cheering at some baseball game happening right in the center of my route. What wasn't nice was the fact that I was so excited to go out and run that I forgot to stretch out my calves. I don't normally stretch - just my calves. Thus, the oops.

1.7 miles in my legs were screaming at me. I tried to just block it out and keep running, but then it traveled to my feet and they felt like at any second they would cramp up on me. So as much as I didn't want to I found a shady spot and a tree and had to stop and stretch it out. Oh my the burning feeling as I tried to move my ankles a bit. I was able to sort of shake it out, stretch and then resume my run.

The last 1.3 were great, and really so were the first 1.3. So not the most fabulous run, but really in the scheme of things it wasn't bad either. In the old days my head would have done a number on me and I'd have felt like a failure for having to stop and stretch so soon. But this time I knew I just forgot to do what I usually do and so I was doing it then and I was still out there running - so totally NOT a failure!

And I had the best reward for my hot, sweaty run .... a continuation of the Dexter marathon I've been having with *yet to be named*. I WAS going to name him Beach Boy because he's the one that took me to the beach, but then that brought up images of floral board shorts and men singing with high voices. Also I didn't want him to have "Boy" in his name and risk being confused with any others (ick!). So then I went back to my original plan ... and since we both like Family Guy so much .... I have given *yet to be named* his blog name ... and this will probably solidify how much of a goof ball I am, and how much I love that little football shaped head of the crazy baby - his new blog name is Stewie! Yes, Stewie! *EDIT: Due to Cilley Girl's suggestion, the name has been altered to what I keep calling him in text world ... Man Friend! So "Stewie" "Man Friend" and I vegged out watching Dexter post-run. We're almost done with Season 1. No matter how many times I watch this show and know what is coming up, I still love it and get all tense and completely absorbed. What about you? Are you a fan of Dexter Morgan??


  1. A really sweaty run always makes me feel like I worked hard even if I didn't necessarily run a faster pace.

  2. I always run a bit before I stretch, to warm up my muscles. Always.

  3. No Stewie! Man Friend! Man Friend!!!

  4. MAN FRIEND! I love it!!! hahaha.

    I love/hate sweaty runs. I wish I felt like I had worked harder sometimes when I am pouring buckets of sweat. Like what!? I didn't earn this...why am I soaked?

  5. I have a love/hate relationship with sweaty runs. It makes me feel like. I busted my rear end running and it feels totally nasty that I can't even stand to touch myself.


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