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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Run 1.4/1.5/Race Photos

I'm cramming a whole lot of not much into this one post! My official 4th run of training for the Portland Marathon was in Portland ... the Portland Rock'n'Roll Half Marathon. Why not start out with a nice, long run? And I deliberately didn't push myself in that race so that it would be more of a "long run" versus a "race". I won't write about it here - you can just click this link to read all about it! I will say, as far as long runs go, I actually felt fabulous at the end and had another mile or two left in me. I checked my Garmin stats and for the last 5K I had steady negative splits with the 13th mile being the fastest of the entire run! That alone gave me a lot of confidence going into the rest of training. It's like I'm finally putting all the things I learned together, I'm experimenting with fueling, and I'm continually improving on hills. Yippee!!

My fifth run was last night. How fun it is to start with a beginner's program and get to run 3 easy miles?!? I ran them without any music, mostly because I didn't feel like wearing any belt to carry my iPod and because I was hurrying out of the house so I could get home in time for Glee. Um, I missed the memo that it wasn't on until 9pm - and did it make anyone else cry??? Anyway, no music so I was just on my own. We Are Young ran through my head the entire three miles. I was supposed to go slower. Ugh, I suck at that. It's like I get on auto pilot and have one pace. I did that run in 30 minutes, 3 minutes faster than planned. Oopsies. I'll work on slowing down tonight! Overall it was a great run. My legs felt totally fine, like they didn't even know they were in a race 2 days before - which tells me I must have done a good job on holding back at the race. And happily my IT Band didn't yell at me either!

I did miss swim class again. I need to start getting some good rhythm going so I can run, stay up for tear jerker episodes of Glee, watch Cops and then still be up to swim at 6am. I'll figure it out eventually!

And then there are the race photos - which I've scattered throughout this post (and I actually left out a lot!). I actually like them! I'd say most of them are from my final sprint to the finish line when I was feeling my very best and staring down the finish line. I'm debating which I'll buy, if any. I just kinda like them this time and would like to not have the watermark everywhere. So I'll sit and think on it for a bit!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! I'm seriously thinking of forking over SOME $$$. Not my whole life savings, but just a hair.

  2. BRILLIANT pictures and congratulations whoop whoop :-)
    I'd defo get the first and last ones you posted - they are ACE.

  3. I just wish there was a photo of both of us at the finish line side by side.

    1. Well we had to cross next to each other for that one to happen! ;)

  4. Your finisher photo rocks ;-)

  5. Love your outfit!

    The fashion is what running is really about ;-)


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