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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I Went On a Cruise and It Didn't Sink

So much happened this weekend that I don't even know where to start! Why not start with AFTER the race? Okay, I will!

The race happened. I drooled over Travie McCoy at the Gym Class Heroes concert. I ran into some blogger friends (Hi Emily! Hi Jennifer!). Towels were re-stocked so that Giraffy, Becka and L could all get hot showers and regain feeling in their fingers. Then I I wanted FOOD!! Man Friend and I had set plans for dinner, but we couldn't wait that long for a real meal. Just across from the Space Needle I spied Zeeks Pizza. O.M.G. Seriously delicious! We wandered that way, sat down, ate an entire medium pizza. Just the two of us. One entire pineapple pizza. Delicious! Once that was devoured we went back to the room to change into our fancy outfits (i.e. NOT running attire for a change!) and begin our grown up night out!

I'm flying!
We took a nice stroll down to Pike Place Market. I watched the reader board at the strip club/porn shop for so long waiting to get photo about "Spring Beaver" but dang, they have A LOT of screens to scroll through. I gave up and instead watched a fish get tossed over in the market. Our destination was Pier 56 where we boarded the Royal Arogsy for a dinner and dancing cruise through Puget Sound. I've never been on a ship before, other than big boats at Disney parks or my grandpa's fishing/skiing boats. This was a completely new experience and I was so excited! Remember I have a little addiction to a certain vessel called the R.M.S. Titanic? Yeah - can you see where this is going?? I covered the entire ship quoting and reenacting my favorite scenes! We were seated on the middle floor of the ship at a table for four, which was great - I loved having the extra room and space. After getting some adult beverages we wandered the ship getting photos and enjoyed the perfect weather.

Don't do it, Rose!
Once out to sail we were constantly being fed! First up was some warm bread and butter. Next, a salad. It had slices of apple in it, walnuts and croutons that tasted like apple pie crust. Very unique to my taste buds! Dinner was buffet style, I opted for couscous and baked ziti with some fruit on the side. Later on it was dessert - cheesecake or chocolate. I went for the cheesecake that had this yummy raspberry swirl through it and strawberries. Very enjoyable! I passed on the coffee and tea, preferring to nurse my grown up creamsicle drink instead!

Light it up like it's dynamite!
When we weren't eating we'd get up and walk around the outer decks. The view of Seattle was so pretty! I also saw some islands covered with beautiful green trees, grass and mansions. And all the yachts, tons of yachts! A highlight for me, however, was seeing Pier 70, aka the home of the Slap Heard 'Round the World aka the setting for the Real World Seattle! Confession: we reenacted the slap while on the ship! The sun started to set, giving the whole ship a nice, cozy glow. Near the end of the cruise the party started going. I knew every single song that was sung - and decided that maybe being the singer should be my new job?!? My favorite moment was went our lounge singer did Dynamite - a song I run to during every single race. Naturally I sang every word and danced at my table - as best as I could considering I was exhausted from the race that morning! As we exited the boat we did have our own little dance - I even twirled and was dipped!

After getting off the ship we bought our souvenir photo and strolled back via the most disgusting wall of gum you'll ever see! It was fascinating. Disgusting, but fascinating! I wasn't laying down for more than 3 minutes in the hotel when I was completely passed out. It was a really wonderful day and evening! I'm glad I channeled my inner fuddy-duddy and went on the cruise! AND I survived! I paid close attention to the instructions "just in case" - fortunately, since I didn't see life boats that could be seated according to class (shout out, Titanic!) I never had to use one. It was a safe voyage!


  1. What an awesome time!!! It sounds like you and MFMFMFMF (see, he will always be a techno beat to me now) had a great adventure. And you didn't even get thrown overboard!

    Did you look at the propellers? :)

  2. I am glad the weather cleared and you were able to have a nice dinner cruise! Love the Titanic reinactments. :)

  3. AnonymousJune 27, 2012

    I've only been on a couple Argosy Cruises but they are fun! Love all the Titanic re-enactments!!

    1. They also had a Ships & Salsa cruise ... maybe next year I'll try that one!

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