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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Odds & Ends. Disney. MF. Cake.

I have an obsession with cake. I trace it back to the start of marathon training. It's like I upped the running and that upped the crazy constant cake cravings. Alliteration is fun. I probably shouldn't have just used coconut lotion on my hands because now that smell makes me want .... cake.

I'm officially signed off for my January Disney vacation to go run an obscene number of miles in a short amount of time! I am pretty excited to go be a lot Goofy and maybe even a little Dopey! Too soon to work on a packing list or race outfits? How do you even figure out what to wear for 26.2 miles?? I guess I have less than 4 months to figure that out for Portland. I can tell you this, in Portland I won't end up in a shirt too big that keeps falling off to the side like mine did last year.

I did a dress rehearsal for Seattle on Sunday and I am completely in love with my shirt. It is one of the best feeling shirts I've run in so far! Now let's just hope Seattle weather cooperates because I'm pretty much set for summer attire. The "look" was completed last night when I found the perfect earrings to wrap it all together! Who knew running half marathons was also like an episode of Project Runway?

Speaking of Seattle Rock'n'Roll, Man Friend is running it, too! So it's a good thing he's been running with me constantly for the last two weeks because this is his first race ever, and will be his first 13.1 miles. Sunday we'll run 10 (can you believe someone let's ME coach them??)  - so he will at least hit double digits before race day. I'm trying to work in some hills as well, although the hills we will train on between now and then will pretty much be flat compared to downtown Seattle! And seriously, who ends a race going uphill??? Arg! And it took me until last week to figure out who the Gym Class Heroes are. Once I put it together that Travie McCoy was the singer I suddenly felt even more motivation to have an awesome run so I could finish, get myself up close, whip out my camera and gaze. Something about him is hot. Maybe he'll dig my 80's pop music outfit?? Maybe?

MF & FF - Oregon Caves
It was asked if we'd get to hear how I met Man Friend (MF). So now I'll tell you! We actually met 7 years ago when he had to fix the piece of junk car I had to drive for work. He made the mistake of implying it was MY fault that car sucked so bad. I immediately hated him and thought he was chauvinistic. This feminist wanted nothing to do with him. Yeah, that was 7 years ago. Then a few years down the line he friend requested me on facebook and I was confused. Why on earth did this guy that hates me that I refuse to speak to want to be my friend?? I was polite and accepted. And then he wasn't as horrible as I thought. He actually wasn't horrible at all. Fast-forward a year or more and he mentioned going for a 6 mile run. I perked at this and we started talking more and more. Then I picked out his new, flashy running shoes. The rest, they say, is history!

He even helps mow my lawn while I run around clipping rhododendrons and pulling weeds. PLUS he hasn't complained once about my cooking! Don't ask what I cook - you'll then be reminded that I am actually a 14 year old girl in a 33 year old body! Okay - soon I swear I'll have Oregon Caves photos to share. I'm pretty much lazy and haven't even uploaded the photos yet. Ooh, I ordered a new camera - mostly to have for Goofy weekend - and it arrives today! Yippee!!


  1. I agree with Rose.

    So looking forward to Seattle! The course looks brutal, though. RNR is not going to fool me again with their smoothed out course elevation map.

  2. Wow, exciting!! I have done the Goofy Challenge twice, and absolutely love it!! I've done the Disney marathon 6 times, and this January will be my 7th. Best race ever!!!

    1. This is awesome to hear! I feel like once I run the Disney marathon I'll never want to do another - how could a "regular" marathon even compare?

  3. I can't beleive Seattle is so not looking forward to this race. I should know better I live here.

  4. YaY! Man Friend has a face (and a very attractive one, if I do say so!)

    I'm so jelly of Seattle and your 80s outfit. That race holds a special place in my heart for so many reasons. Have fun!

  5. MF is the hotness. Nice work!

    You better make MF sing Cupid's Chokehold to you when GCH sings it. Take a look at my girlfriend. She's the only one I've got!

  6. MF is definitely a looker.
    Yes I don't trust elevation profiles anymore, so damn deceiving. Good luck!

  7. Suh-weeet!

    Can't wait to meet him someday soon!! ;-)

  8. You're considering Dopey?!I thought about it for a nanosecond and then decided that almost 40 miles was enough for one weekend!

    Thanks for sharing your MF story. He's a handsome guy! Have you talked him into Goofy, yet? ;)

  9. AnonymousJune 13, 2012

    I echo everyone else - MF is handsome!

    I can't believe you are doing Goofy!!

    Yeah - so I finally really started looking at the Seattle course map and yeah, I should have been working way more on hills. I should know better - I live here! And the end? I'm not going to lie - I'm not looking forward to it.

  10. Good looking there, MF! :)
    And he mows the yard and doesn't complain about cooking, and he runs? WOW!

    I didn't want cake 3 minutes ago. Now I want cake, and lots of it. Look what you have done to me!?


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