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-Steve Prefontaine
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- Don Draper

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Race News

Not much of NEW news, but still news revolving around races....
  • Right now my next scheduled and paid for race is the Prefontaine Memorial 10K - that's not until mid-September. Can I handle that gap?? I doubt it. But I'm so dedicated to training for the Portland Marathon that I might just skip racing so I can focus and build up to 26.2!
  • Speaking of 26.2, Man Friend kicked so much ass and enjoyed Seattle RnR 1/2 so much .... he is now registered for the full blown Portland Marathon. Makes sense since he has been there for nearly all of my training runs thus far!
  • I'm already kind of freaking out about running over the St. John's bridge in Portland. It is just so .... big and over a whole lot of water. Ugh. I'm debating taking a trip north so I could do a practice run over it. Bridges and my Meniere's Disease do NOT play well with each other.
  • I may have bought my Seattle race photos. And by "may have" I mean I did. I just loved that last race so much, I couldn't help myself!
  • My race report is written. I was just waiting for the official photos so I could share some without the water marks. So look for that post later tonight or tomorrow!
  • I have the worst race hangover. I mean this one is BAD. I was asleep on the couch last night when it was still light outside. But dang it I earned this hangover!!
MF and FF enjoying the Gym Class Heroes concert ... before I took my "clothes off to have a good time" like Travie McCoy told me to! It's possible I have a new celebrity crush....


  1. Love the outfit! Are the armwarmers from team sparkle?

    1. Thanks!

      Only the skirt is from Team Sparkle. I picked up the arm warmers at the Run Pretty Far booth at the expo the day before!

  2. You are to cute! I actually like some of my race photos and have been debating ordering them.

  3. We were racing? I had no idea! You looked great, congrats on #15.

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