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Monday, June 11, 2012

Run 1.18/1.19 - A Strong Finish

We are a colorful pair!
 Over the weekend I had the last two runs of the week, getting me to 23 miles. I'm actually feeling really good, too! I was pretty tired over the last week from staying up too late on top of all the running, and never made it to swim class even once. For the record, I'm rested and made my triumphant return this morning! And that water felt soooo good. Nice and warm, and my legs loved moving different and stretching with ease. Okay, so the runs...

Saturday Man Friend and I went to the Oregon Caves - that will be a later post. After the Caves we had our 3 mile run. This time I wasn't so nice, making him go up 3 hills of various lengths and steepness. It makes me so happy to see that they hardly phase me anymore. I guess after Seattle I'll have to start picking our harder hills! So that run was really good. No walking, no stopping. Just three solid miles probably a hair faster than we should have gone - but hey, we did it!

Ready for Seattle!!
Sunday morning we set out for 8 miles. This was Man Friend's longest run ever, but he did it and lived to tell the tale. I didn't do it with the ease that I would hope for. The first 2.8 miles were painful. No, strike that. Mile 1 was fun. It was 1.3 - 2.8 that just hurt. I was all tight and couldn't loosen up. So at 2.8 where I saw a nice, short fence, we stopped and had a really good stretch. After that it was smooth sailing! One potty stop at the half way point and then I'd say we had a very strong finish! I know I had another mile or two left in me, which tells me I must have done a good job of fueling and keeping it a nice steady, slower pace... which has been my goal for this training.

I'm pretty happy with this last week. For this current week I still have 5 days of running, ending with a 10 miler on Sunday morning. Then it's race week! I'm so excited. And I cannot wait to wear my outfit. Since I won't show it, here's a little sneak peek!


  1. AHHHH!!! I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE YOUR OUTFIT!!! Even that little teaser looks awesome!!

    Glad to hear things with you and MF are going that he goes out running with you. Sounds like you guys are a good match!! (And he wears flashy shoes! Even better!)

    1. It is entirely possible that I met up with him when he was shoe shopping, saw those and immediately said THESE are your new shoes!

      Now MF HAS to run -- he registered for Seattle last night! Nothing like registering for your FIRST race with than less than 2 weeks until go time!

  2. Wow, MF is a trooper. I love that he wants to do races with you! Do we get to hear about how you met him? Or did you post that already and I missed it?

    I can already tell that your outfit is awesome. ;)

    1. I'll work in how we met into the next post, how's that?!? :-)

      I might be a total camera whore in Seattle just because I actually created an "inspired" look - as they say on Project Runway!

  3. Love the sneak peek of the outfit!! I can't wait for the Oregon Caves post! That sounds like fun.

    1. Good thing you're here -- I totally forgot about posting about the Oregon Caves! AFTER Seattle I shall!!

  4. That's going to be a very cute outfit!


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