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-Steve Prefontaine
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- Don Draper

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Run 1.24 - Hill Training

This is the sweat pattern if you
shove your shirt in your bra
during a 10 mile run!

Sure I have a hilly race coming up on Saturday, but last night's training called for hills and I wasn't about to skip it!

Changes at work have happened, and as a result I am doing more cross-training than ever and hardly at my desk. New work makes me tired. So after work I had no oomph to run. I got some new tires for my car before the 6 hour drive to Seattle, bought some food, cooked dinner, and THEN contemplated running. By 9:30pm we were out the door for a little bit of hill work at 5K pace.

We couldn't keep the pace the whole way, but for the first time trying this, I think we did petty good, and we were certainly faster than any of our other runs. I created a loop just now the street from my house which we ran 4 times for a total of 2.5 miles. Feel the burn! But what a good burn it was. It actually gave me some confidence about this weekend's hilly race. I mean sure, I'll probably walk parts of this race - but maybe I won't walk as much as in the past.

I went back to swim class finally. I keep sleeping through it - apparently I'm staying up too late or just not adjusting to all the increased days of running as soon as I'd hope. Our teacher was rather distracted with her own personal business, so when she forgot about giving us instructions I would do my own thing - mostly giving myself arm exercises and letting my legs relax. But the highlight was talking with a woman that is there occasionally. Turns out she will see Pre's older sister this weekend! AND she dated Bill Bowerman's son back in the day. All those running legends that I look up to - she knew them! All of us ladies lingered talking running for quite a while. They were all curious about where do I run, how often, what races are coming up. It was such a change to be the one talking instead of just listening and laughing along with everybody! I missed those gals, I'm going to have to start making myself get back there all 3 days from now on!

One more easy 3 mile run tonight, then I pack for Seattle! Tomorrow night after work MF and I are outta here and heading north for what is sure to be a very fun weekend filled with TONS of bloggers around every corner!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, I bet I will. I KNOW I will!!

  2. Have a great race! My friend is running her first full marathon there this weekend. Can't wait for your recap. :)

    1. Thanks! Seattle as a first full -- at least the extra 13.1 miles are flat - and pretty!!

  3. Have an AMAZEBALLS time. I know you will. And MF too. Haha MF. MFin MF. hahaha! You know, if you say MF MF MF MF enough times it sounds like a techno beat.

    The end.

    1. You are freaking hysterical!

      Now I'm totally hearing techno grooves in my head!!


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