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-Steve Prefontaine
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- Don Draper

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Run 1.25/1.26 - Hilllllllllllssss

Hills Hills Hills ... it's like they are everywhere. But wait, I live in the Pacific Northwest ... they ARE everywhere!

It's probably a good thing I've been trying to add them in to my regular training runs as often as possible because Seattle was all over the place! Even with the fabulous result I had, I was actually using Seattle Rock'n'Roll as a training run for Portland Marathon. Granted I wasn't super casual with it, but I actually wasn't even racing it. Just trying to be smart, push myself on the hills, have fun ... but keep it as training and not racing. And what a fabulous training run it was!

Seattle RnR 1/2 hills are in green.
The flat spot in the middle is the tunnel where the Garmin signal was lost.

Last night was my first run since the race .... and naturally the training plan called for hills! It said 3 or 4 hills 400 to 600 yards long at 5K or 10K pace. After doing some conversion charts online I figured out the distance in mile form so that my Garmin could be my savior and tell me when I was okay to turn around and run downhill! Seeing as Man Friend is now also doing the full marathon with me he joined me on this run. We had an "easy" run from my house over to the nearby hill I had picked out. Turns out our "easy" pace was actually what I'd like to have as my 10K pace for Prefontaine this year!

So we did the hill 3 times. I've been feeling a cold coming on and just run down, so I thought I'd ease back into hill training and not go for 5K pace or 4 hills. But maybe next time. Crazy enough I'm getting quite the adrenaline rush out of running on hills these days! During our run we pretty much talked non-stop (until the steep part of the hill) about Goofy 2013.... Will I have my trusty training partner with me as I get a little "Dopey" in WDW?? We'll see!


  1. I need to start doing more hills. I did a hill workout last week and it was super short and killed me. Eventually it wont be so bad.

    1. I actually started finding them fun .... AFTER they are over. What the heck has happened to me?!?!

  2. Hills are good for the first third of your training cycle.


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