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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Run 1.27/1.28/1.29 - 90 Mile Month!

Boom Boom Boom -- I finished out June with a Bang!!

I was trying to not get a cold and trying to get over one of my worst race hangovers, so my training plan for the weak got a little tweaked. But I wasn't going to let anything stop me from keeping on track and getting in the miles!

Friday night was run #27. A lovely six miles in VERY humid weather. I was dripping with sweat before I had even really gotten started. We ran down to the park and did the big loop once and the small loop once. The movies in the park were getting ready to start, so it was kind of fun to see a lot of people out and about laying down blankets and buying popcorn and other summer carnival type food. (We have an amphitheater down by the river and on Friday nights they have a huge screen and show movies once it is dark!)  In the end we finished those 6 miles pretty damn fast - at that rate I would have had a new half marathon PR!

Saturday morning we got up for run #28. This time it was 4 miles. It was a nice four - doing the big loop through park one time .... and making a potty stop at the store. Dang it. Who forgets to go the bathroom before a run? Oh yeah, that's me.We managed to slow our pace a little bit and overall it felt really nice.

Then after 10pm we did Saturday's officially scheduled run, getting me back to where I should be. This final 3 mile run of June got me to 90 miles for the month --- my highest mileage in any month EVER!! I was pretty damn excited. And it was Great run!! We started out faster than I intended so I did get us to slow down. By the end my body was feeling fabulous. It was quite a trip going out and doing essentially 3 back to back runs. BUT it isn't over! I'm getting ready for my Sunday "long" run. This is an off week, so my long run is actually only 5 miles. I'll enjoy that because next Sunday .... dun dun dunnnn.... fifteen miles!!

How was your weekend? Did you get in any nice runs? Did you melt? Were you also greeted with more summer rain??

Random Photo:  A car wash I was obsessed with in Seattle


  1. I love that car wash sign! Great job finishing the month on such a high note.

  2. Why do I have the lyrics "at the car wash" going through my head right now? And that's all the lyrics I know. So it is really annoying me. ;)

    Super 90miles month! Great job!

  3. LOL! I always park by the Pink Elephant when I go to an event in Seattle. :) One of my favorite landmarks


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