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-Steve Prefontaine
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- Don Draper

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Run 1.33/1.34 - Running, Coast, Cars

As I type this I smell like car exhaust and general gross car/smoke/sweat/food smells. Ew. And it won't get any better because frankly, I'm not showering before I go to sleep or get up and run tomorrow. ANYWAY....

Thursday:  5 miles. It was hot. I wanted food before I ran. MF and I went to Rodeo Steakhouse, gorging on spinach/artichoke dip, yummy rolls and a grilled cheese with fries for me. Hello, Food Baby. Eek. So it wasn't until 10pm that we left my house for a 5 mile run through the 'hood. Given the fact that I had said food baby sloshing around in my belly, it was a great run! We discussed training plans and talked a lot about how we are feeling like this one we are on is The plan for us. Everything is going just great! 

Saturday:  3 miles. My ex-boyfriend is here in Oregon on vacation from Minneapolis. I suggested we go back to the beach like we used to way back in 2009. So that meant MF and I had to run our 3 miles pretty early this morning. I'm glad we did - it got over 90 degrees today.  The run was nice and short, a great start to the day.

The Coast:  Ex-bf and I went to Bandon, Oregon. The sun was out ... as was the wind. Holy wind storm. Gee whiz! Lady had so much fun, too. She is completely exhausted right now and unable to really move. She'll be okay, no worries!

Graffiti Night:  This weekend every year we have Graffiti Night. People with their classic cars come out in full force for the big downtown cruise. And that's why I smell. Man Friend and I went down, I met the parents, we saw baby cheetahs, ran into ex-bf with a new girl he just met, saw co-workers, saw friends, inhaled way too many fumes. A fun evening, if I do say so myself. I fixed MF and I some pasta with the most delicious bread he brought home from Eugene today. Yummy, yummy, yummy. Basically we did some carb loading ... and now I'm off to bed. At 6:30am tomorrow we meet for some Power Crunch bars, stretching and loading up of fuel belts ... so we can run fifteen miles. I'm so excited!!

A proud mommy and her little girl!

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