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-Steve Prefontaine
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- Don Draper

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Run 1.35 - Fifteen Miles!

Can life get any busier? I have over 1000 unread items in my Google Reader now. I have so many posts I've read and marked for commenting, clearly I haven't had time. Here's life in a nutshell ... I've spent the last year getting cross-trained in a different department. Someone in that department got canned. This week one of the girls is on vacation. So... this week I am over there all the time and unable to really do my own work. Last week I actually came in an hour early just to be sure to get MY work done before I did the other job. Stressful is an understatement.

When I'm not doing 1,002 jobs at work, I'm running. If I'm not running, I'm thinking about it. Or I'm doing chores. I've missed swim class ... well, I haven't gone since before the Seattle RnR Half Marathon. I want to go, but I'm just so exhausted with all this work. No complaints on the running!

In running news, Man Friend is officially registered for Goofy! Soon we'll register for the 5K race, too. AND it has been confirmed as of a little bit ago, my mom and step-dad are coming, too! Thursday I am hopefully getting help from my BFF to get me my room reservations. Can. Not. Wait. !!!

Man Friend was up at the Eugene Running Company on Saturday and ended up in conversation with Coach Joe Henderson. He didn't know to be impressed ... but he was! I was pretty excited to hear about the convo and learn that this guy that ran WITH Steve Prefontaine was impressed with my coaching skills and approach to running and training for races! Rather flattering I'd say! AND he doesn't use the exact word, but he also is NOT a fan of what Cilley Girl calls "fastholes"! Smart man.

So the 15 mile run. I don't have that much to say because it was unspectacular. It was a big lesson learned. Not enough hydration in the days before. Not enough sleep, thus resulting in sleeping in too long, thus resulting in running in temperatures that were at least at 84 degrees when I had 4 miles left to run. For the first time I actually ripped off my shirt and ran with it in my hand for a few miles. I was dying. So hot. My legs were good, but I'd have to keep pausing my running to walk when it got to be too much. I took 2 gels and 3 individual Clif shot blocks during the run. Next time I'll make it the full 6 shot blocks. Also, next time we are ditching a car about 6 miles out with a cooler with fresh water in it. I'll then keep running after a refill, turn around, hit it again to refill, run home, then get my car after all is said and done. Plus we are going to go back up to Eugene to get belts with the built in fuel bottles. A hand held just wasn't enough. Plus there was a Nuun disaster with my bottles that slide onto my belt.

A lot of things were learned. I was happy my legs did good the whole time, especially miles 14 and 15. The challenge really was just the heat. Apparently I still have to learn things the hard way. The good news is after the run I bought a pool! It is in place, full, clean, and ready for me to jump in after tonight's run!
Just because photo:  This is the sight I saw when I woke up one morning. I love that huge nose!


  1. 15 miles! That is a for real long run in anyone's book. I was wondering about those sliding water bottles...I like my Nathan Fuel belt with two bottles in it. But, then, do you wear the bottles in the back or front? I wonder what you'll decide?

  2. AnonymousJuly 10, 2012

    Aw! Love the just because photo! 15 miles!?!? Way(s) to go!! (Ha, I crack myself up!) Ugh - I hate the heat. Those last few miles sound torturous.

    1. Probably my favorite "just because" photo so far! I just can't get enough of that face!

  3. I've got a Nathan fuel belt that holds two 10 oz. bottles with a nice roomy pocket that you can have - remember how I bought a new one when you were here for Portland RnR? I was trying to figure out what to do with it, but if you want it it's yours! Also, Julie has my very first Nathan fuel belt that also holds two 10 oz. bottles with a not quite as roomy pocket that MF can have. Just take me out to dinner when you're here for CATnip and we'll call it even :)

    And as for MF... with all these travel plans out in the future... as long as he doesn't think you're AMAZING then I tentatively approve ;)

    Can't wait til you're here!!!

  4. How did you even run 15 miles? Remember the times when you first started running? Wow.
    You have come a long way, twin! Good job!

  5. 15 mile run!!! That is phenomenal. Sorry it was so hot for you toward the end there. I hope that work has gotten better for you. That sounds like mayhem!


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