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-Steve Prefontaine
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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Run 1.36 - A Goal Achieved

Not this week's tots,
but delicious tots nonetheless!
At the start of the year when I had the now-(long ago)-fired coach telling me what to do I was assigned to write down my goals for the year. Well, as of last night I have achieved all of those goals! I guess I better start setting some new ones, which I guess I essentially already did when I registered for the Portland Marathon and the Goofy Challenge in Walt Disney World. (Which, by the way, this weekend my mom, Man Friend and I will all be registering for the 5K, so I'll officially be unofficially Dopey!)

Tuesday night I made the mistake of going to Taco Time and gorging on a cheese quesadilla and Mexi Fries ... aka TOTS!! To alleviate tummy pain I walked around some air conditioned stores and finished getting my pool area in order. My will to run was zapped. It just didn't happen. So I've adjusted training and pushed everything back a day so as not to skip any runs. Last night was a 6 mile easy pace run. First I had a legit healthy dinner by the pool and enjoyed the shade. Nearly the whole big bowl of veggies was gone when we were done. Yay! After looking at WDW resorts for January (I keep forgetting I get to go in September, too!) we finally decided to run. (We're eyeballing the Art of Animation suites since we'll have four people. You know I'll tell you where I am at once it is booked later today!)

Six miles were on the schedule and I was determined to keep it slow. I tend to just run at a pace, and it is always 2 minutes per mile faster than my "easy" runs are supposed to be. This time it was a success! The average pace was just around 12 minute miles. Once I got into the zone keeping a steady pace was easy. I know, I know, 12 is so much slower than you run. Well I'm me and I'm trying to listen to Giraffy and slow the heck down on my easy runs!

The goal:  One of my goals was to get a new 10K PR. In March I PR'd during my only 10K so far this year. Check! The other 10K goal was to just at some point run it non-stop. At the start of the run I told MF how I had never in my life run 6 miles without at least one walk break. After half a mile I said I would really like to make that the goal for the night, No walking! As the run continued I said, "You know, let's just add on .2 at the end, if we never walk. That gets me my 10K goal!" Well you know what? Done and done! Not only did I hit the 6.2 mark, but when I saw it said 6.22 I insisted on continuing on to 6.5. I can't end on .22! So 6.5 miles last night with zero walking!! I'm pretty freaking excited and can't wait to start setting more goals to help me achieve the BIG goal!


  1. I would love to run without walking!!

  2. Way to gO! I always feel B.A. When I can go without walking!!

  3. Great job!!! You are really getting in your grove!

  4. You are so amazing!!!!! Way to go!!!

  5. That's so awesome! Congrats. I need to set some goals. Seriously.

  6. Great job! And I just noticed that Goofy is only 180 days away. *gulp* Congrats on going Dopey.

    1. Can you believe how fast it is coming up?? Before you know it I'll be panicking about what to wear. Oh great, now that I typed it I'm kind of already starting to worry that I am behind schedule on planning!


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