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Friday, July 13, 2012

Run 1.37 - Upcoming 5K, WDW Update

Okay, so mostly this is just an update to my January Disney vacation. My mom pouted when she found out we'd be coming home Monday, the day after the marathon. So now it is official, I get to stay another full day and come home Tuesday. Woohoo!! And once Cast Member's are allowed to make 2013 reservations I'll be getting my room at the new Art of Animation resort. So excited!! Man Friend and I have seriously spent HOURS looking at Disney photos, videos and websites. And then when we aren't doing that we are running, and talking all about what we want to do (World Showcase!!) and what we don't want to do (Stitch's Great Escape). And the food -- I cannot wait to be there the day after the marathon when my hunger usually kicks in. I'm going to eat all the things: popcorn, fries, pizza, scrambled eggs, biscuits, maybe a pretzel and/or funnel cake. I want it all. Already!

So excited to runDisney again in September and January!!

So last night I ran 4.5 miles. I was supposed to do 5, but since I went .5 over the night before I shortened this one. Mathematically I get pretty anal about distances and even numbers. It was nice and a bit faster pace than the night before, but still felt like I was running slow - which was the plan. My new routine is to run late when it isn't 90 degrees then get home, sync the Garmin, put on a swimming suit and go use my pool as a large ice bath. My knees and calves have been loving it --- that's about as far as I am willing to go in at this point. To top it off, I was a good girl and drug my ass down to the YMCA this morning for another great swim class workout. Feels so nice to be back in the pool again!

This weekend I'll still be running. And it will be my mom's birthday. We'll talk vacation for sure, look at flights, eat, enjoy the sun and .... well, the and is a secret until later - so I'll fill you in on my craftiness AFTER the fact!

In a couple weeks I'll get to see my favorite Cilley Girl again - and doing a 5K race with her, Man Friend and Kim. Odds are this will truly be a "fun run" and NOT a race for me. I tried racing myself in a 5pm summer race before - and that was the first time I puked at the finish line. This race is at 6pm, and frankly that still feels HOT to me! But I'm excited to have a fun time with friends racing no matter the distance or temperature!

This is also my last day of basically full time doing 2 completely different jobs at work. I'm relieved and ready to just be myself again -- knock on wood. So then maybe I'll be not as exhausted, more relaxed, and able to resume a normal life of catching up on everybody's blog posts! Have a great weekend - stay hydrated - wear sunscreen!!!


  1. You are the biggest Disney buff and fan that I know. :)
    Happy birthday to your mom. Bet you gals are going to have a good time.

  2. I always forget how SHORT you guys are!

  3. That picture makes me 8000 shades of jelly. Especially as it gets closer. Next year I'm getting it or else!

    Super excited you'll be staying an extra day. It really helped with tight sore muscles to walk around the parks, even if it was granny slow.

  4. Hope your mom has a great birthday!

  5. My of my newbie runner/walker friends just announced that she wants to do Princess. Of course, I have to go with her and do it, too, right? Making the trek to WDW in January for Goofy and then again in Feb for Princess is a little much, but I can't resist. Not to mention DL Half in Sept. Getting excited! Woot!

    1. This sounds like an freaking awesome upcoming runDisney year for you!!


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