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Monday, July 16, 2012

Run 1.38/1.39 - New Long Distance PR, New Shoes

Run 1.38 - I choose to skip a run last week. I was overall exhausted from basically doing two jobs full time at work the whole week. Plus the crazy heat just zapped me. My everything was tired. So Friday night I skipped a run and focused on preparing for my mom's surprise party that I had started planning the week before. So Saturday morning we were up early and running. It as a nice 5 miles, although terribly hot even though I left around 9 o'clock in the morning. I actually had to stop for water twice, which is twice as many times as I normally would for that distance. It was a good run though - and I finished it off with my new backyard "ice bath" - aka my pool! It's sort of become our tradition to finish running, rip off shoes and socks and then get into the pool, no matter what the temperature is. Feels so good on the knees!!

Run 1.39 - Hot diggity dog this was a great one! In the morning we got up, drove to Eugene to get running supplies and postponed our run to the evening. The main supplies needed were Clif shots, Clif shot blocks and hydration fuel belts. Little did I expect to come home with new shoes, too! Sadly, I failed on the Clif products - looks like I'll be going on-line to get the flavors I prefer.  Our run didn't happen until the nice out of 10pm. Who else would start their Sunday long run at 10pm?? I tested my new shoes (which are the same exact shoe as my current favorite race shoes, just in a different color) and they were just fabulous! This was a backing off week, so the run was only 7 miles. I cannot believe that I am at the point where I say "only 7 miles". WTF?!?!

The seven miles flew by. Man Friend took over as conversation lead and shared with me stories of his time traveling the world in basically every single war that's happened since I was in junior high (I swear he isn't THAT much older than me. I promise. Only 5 years, that's no biggie at all!!) I was just fascinated and I think his enthusiasm just carried over into our running. We plugged along at a very steady pace and before I knew it I looked at my Garmin and we were at 6.52. And this point I through my arms in the air and let out a mini-shout of joy. We were in all new territory and so close to my new longest distance PR. 7 miles!! I ran 7 whole miles with zero thoughts of walking and still felt great at the end!! I still can't even imagine how people run entire half marathons and full marathons with zero walking, but perhaps some day I'll get there?!?!

What about you? How was your weekend? What's your longest distance ever run without any walk breaks?


  1. 7 miles? FUCK YEAH. Man Friend sounds awesome. Having someone tell you hilarious stories while running is my favorite part about running with people. I am so happy for you for all the running gains you've been making, and for finding someone so awesome.

  2. You are so awesome!!! For real. And I love your new shoes!!!

    Yay for MFMFMFMF. He will always be a techno beat to me. I am glad you found him - you deserve someone as wonderful as you!

  3. You keep getting better and better, awesome!

    1. Thanks! It's getting really fun when I feel like I'm finally improving!

  4. YAY for 7 miles no stops, wooohoooo :-)
    Monday is my new Sunday (well this week it was), I did my long slow run today instead of Sunday and it was great.

  5. Good for you!

    Heh Heh yup you got the bug big time...soon a 3 miler won't even be worth suiting up for ;)

    I missed the memo...pls explain the run numbering algorithm 1.38 etc. ??

    1. The numbering system (because I'm anal, work in finance and of course have to have some made up system to track how many runs I've done!):

      1.38= 1 .... training for the FIRST marathon.
      38 .... the 38th run while preparing for the first marathon.

      SO, after Portland Marathon I will switch back to 2.1 as I prepare for the Walt Disney World Marathon in January!

    2. Ok, Got it.

      Next question: How many runs are you doing in your training for each marathon?

    3. Well this round will be a lot longer than the next since marathon #2 is 3 months after #1. The plan I'm following has 5 days of training per week - and I'm following it pretty darn close. I just checked - it is a 20 week training plan, I'm on week 9!


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