To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.
-Steve Prefontaine
Make it simple, but significant.
- Don Draper

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Run 1.40/1.41 - Oops.

I was so excited about the workouts I had coming up. I was so disappointed when they were both duds.

Tuesday: Hill training. 5 or 6 hills at 5K or 10K pace. Well at the start of hill two I actually let out a shriek of pain and was down for the count. My legs just tightened up so hard I could barely walk let alone run up a hill. I paced around until I could shake it out and then continued. Three times through my circle for a total of 2 miles was all I could get out. Dammit. Crazy as it is, I was kind of starting to like hill training. I think I have more in a couple weeks, so no worries - I'll give it my best shot again at that time!

Wednesday: My second run as part of my fundraising efforts. 4 miles on the schedule. Now if I was one that had any concept of pace or distance on my own, this could have been a successful run. But sadly, I do not have the skill of being able to gauge how far I've traveled. 1.6 miles in my Garmin died. I was trucking along at a good pace, too, feeling pretty good. Man Friend was carrying on the conversation a lot and I was feeling the distance just fly by .... and then it ended. I freaked out over the dead Garmin battery and said, "I can't run! I won't know what I'm doing! I NEEEEEEED my Garmin!" The anal number freak that I am had to just turn and walk home, albeit a brisk walk. Bummer.

So from here I have 7 miles tonight that I plan on dominating. Friday I'll run 4 in place of doing 3 on Saturday. On Saturday I'm going to dance the night away after my cousin Christine marries the most adorable girl, Andrea. This is my type of wedding! I have to behave though --- Sunday I'm up for 18... where I'll hit 15 for sure, push for 16 ... and if all goes well, bump it all the way up to 18 miles!

Thank you soooo much to those of you that have already donated to my fundraising efforts. It really means so much. I've never raised a penny in my life that I know of, so to not only get into the triple digits, but be OVER $200 right now is just ... words escape me! I don't benefit at all. There is nothing for me to gain, just a happy feeling in my heart that I am helping out military families in need. If you would like to learn more here's my blog post about it, or click below (or the link) to go directly to my page on the Active Heroes website!

Hmm, I see I've been bumped from the top 5 leader board. Tsk, tsk, I'm slacking. If you feel compelled, any tiny donation could help me regain my lead! ;)

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  1. My best tip about fundraising - ASK EVERYONE. I sent letters to my dr, dentist, vet, housecleaning service and any local company I use. You would be suprised at who is willing to donate a few dollars. Good luck!


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