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Friday, July 20, 2012

Run 1.42 - Back In My Groove

After two shameful runs I redeemed myself last nigh! Hallelujah!

When I got home from work and was just relaxing, wallah, mini-Meniere's attack. The weather was scorching hot, so I took advantage of both situations. Man Friend got us some yummy pizzas and we just relaxed watching 21 Jump Street before the run. *Show of hands, anyone else here with a celebrity crush on Jonah Hill?? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?  **And to show just how out of it I am, and apparently how my taste is just not the current norm.... I had no idea who the other actor was. Consulted IMDB. Apparently it is Channing Tatum, a name I've heard when people talk about that Magic Mike movie. Hm.

Random Photo: Mommie Dearest - are YOU a fan??
Anyway, it was almost dark out when we finally left ... a headlamp hooked to my visor and the flashy red light on MF's hat. I took us on a brand new, to us, route through "the rich neighborhood". Hm, their roads are sure a lot nicer than my neighborhood! Along the way I saw a track and we did two laps. So cute - it was like this mini-track. I could do speed work there and look like I'm super fast like Rose! After the track was the long hill. The whole neighborhood is deceptively hilly - which made for an interesting run. There were sure no moments of boredom. Before I knew it we were already done! 7 miles, ZERO walking!! That's two times I've done that in just a 5 day period. Talk about boosting my confidence level!

As per usual, we got home, removed socks and shoes and took an "ice bath" in my pool. Feels so good - and I imagine not as hard to enjoy as a REAL ice bath would be!

Up next, a 4 mile run tonight and then 18 miles on Sunday! I'm pretty darn excited!!

And, I promise to not shove it down your throats.. but if you missed it, I'm raising funds!


  1. " 7 miles, ZERO running!!"

    I assume you mean walking. ;)

    Also, go do some speed work! It's good for you!

    1. What? You mean people actually RUN when they are out running? Bizarre.

  2. 18 miles already? Yowser! When is your marathon? I'm doing 11 tomorrow for our group run and NYC is in November. I'm feeling like I'm behind! Good job on not walking!

    And back to the thread about Disneyland that we started on my page... if you go backand run some time in the future (you can't have too many C2C medals!), maybe try Tinkerbell. The route is different (and I think better, except for you don't get to run through Angel Stadium), it's much cooler and the parks are way less crowded. I would do it in 2013 if I wasn't doing Goofy the weekend before.

    1. So it is 8:30pm. Due to unavoidable life things I am now eating my banana and getting ready to start that 18 mile run. WTF is wrong with me?!?

      I'm down for giving Tink a try some time! I like the spinny medal!

  3. AnonymousJuly 22, 2012

    Woohoo!! 7 miles, no walking! That is awesome! I am really liking this ice bath in a pool idea of yours.

    1. I think getting in a pool is just way more appealing than ICE?!?! Ice just sounds painful!

  4. I DIED laughing at that movie. . especially the "F U Science!". B had to stop the movie so I could finish laughing because I couldn't stop!

    Ice baths aren't that bad and I promise it will totally help the next day walking.


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