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-Steve Prefontaine
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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Oink! Oink! We'll Be Pigs! (Thank you, Clark Griswold!)

I went to the fair last night. I thought it would be fun. People watching, animals, vendors, rides, people watching, animals, people watching.....


Excellent people watching. Precious animals that I bonded with because I am a vegetarian and couldn't imagine eating the poor babies. And that's it.

No vendors to speak of. Minimal rides and carnival type games (not that I do either, but still.) This year it was a dud. However, I had a blast with the animals!! So instead of talking I think my pictures speak for themselves, here ya go!

I want one!
I just love all the babies!
We have the same number of chins!

I couldn't stop touching pig butts. And the baby had the softest snout and nibbled on my finger!!
And that's my Man Friend. I adore him!


  1. OMG!!! The baby cows and piglets are SO adorable! I love going to the fairs to see all of the animals (my favorite are the baby lambs- so frigging cute!)

    1. They are all so freaking cute. I wish I could have a little piglet -- and have it STAY a little piglet!


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