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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Run 1.46/1.47 - 100+ Miles!!

Run 1.46 was the CATnip 5K, aka my new 5K PR! And it was freaking HOT!! I had a larger gap in running before the race due to feeling sick, and I think her gap was good and needed. Great run, and pretty fun to actually try to run fast during this training!

Run 1.47 happened the next morning! Cilley Girl, who let me crash at her new castle and play with her new kitties, had 9 miles picked out NOT on bridges. Bridges seem to trigger Meniere's attacks so I wanted to hit them and try to battle it out in preparation for the enormous St. Johns Bridge during the marathon. So Man Friend and I drove to downtown Portland ready for 3.5 laps by the river.

Weather wise we got lucky. It was a bit humid but much cooler than the prior day's race. The running itself was pretty uneventful. Stopped one time at the Saturday Market for the potty, but other than that we just took it nice and easy. A highlight for me was when two sailboats had to get down the river and I got to watch 4 bridges all raise to let them through. That was a first for me! There was also a big float thing happening, so we had the extra challenge of playing Frogger in order to just keep running and avoid crashing into various types of floaty devices. But whenever I thought I'd want to walk I tried to remember the chalk image I saw near the beginning of our journey and just keep going! I did, however, have to walk more than I wanted due to the pain left over from the calf cramping the day before. Oh well. No worries.

We finished the 9 miles nice and strong, finding ourselves right back at the start. Before going home it was a quick, but purposeful dash through the Saturday (on Sunday) Market to find costume pieces for my trip to Walt Disney World next month!! That's the last bit of running I've done. I ended up getting pretty sick by the end of the night and have been down for the count, spending quality time with my bed. I'm on the mend now though, so I'll be back with hopefully more running soon!

OH!!! And with that final 9 mile run I had my first 100+ mile month!!!


  1. Holy fuck! a 100 mile month is huge!! I know this because I JUST has mine, too!!!!

  2. LOOK AT YOU!!! a 100 mile month is AWESOME!!! Congrats!! :)

  3. Today I'm feeling sick again :( May go home early to apply kitties, STAT.

  4. 100 miles in a month is so impressive! Great job!


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