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-Steve Prefontaine
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Friday, August 3, 2012

Run 1.48 - I Have a Nickname!!

Funny how one little word can brighten your day. I've been on edge since Tuesday, so this one little word actually got me to laugh. I am rather flattered actually. I mean for someone to even bother to create a new nickname isn't horrible. At it isn't like it is something mean, because I'm sure there are some pretty nasty ones floating around about me right now. Unrelated, I googled "psychopath". CG - look it up. Perfect description of our convo subject yesterday! Yeah, so I'm not a psychopath, FYI. So back to my nickname...


It's like the new Bennifer or Tomcat. Ooh - both of those ended. Hm, well sorry fellas, I'm pretty much off the market, so you're not going to get to be part of my nickname. Sucks to be you. But then how many dudes actually read my blog anyway? Yeah, that's what I thought!

So anyway that's it -- at work we are now affectionately known as Shawnda!

Random Photo: Working at Kali River Rapids
Oh - and I ran! OMG I almost forgot about that part. Yeah, so last night once we saw that it was rowing and volleyball on the Olympics we hustled out the door for 3 slow miles. I can barely breathe so it wasn't a sprint for us. But my legs and mind really enjoyed being out. We just did the quick "ATM loop" -- which is down by the ATM, through the park and home. I like that route - a mix of short hills, flat parts, parks, a river, street. It goes by really fast, mentally. Up next will be another run or two of the short and easy variety. I am scheduled for 20 on Sunday, so I want to just play it cool and work on being able to breathe again so I can come back here and tell you all how awesome 20 miles felt to run!

Cool off time happened in my pool. It was heavenly! And while I was out there floating around at dusk I made some landscaping plans for my house. I'm ridiculously excited about removing this plant that I've hated my whole life. It's so nice to have someone around that actually wants to help me out with things that are harder to do on my own!

And that's life today in a nutshell!

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