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-Steve Prefontaine
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- Don Draper

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Run 1.49 - 20 Miles

This will be short. My computer currently has the Blue Screen of Death and so I'm doing this on my phone. Ugh. I think it's time for a new computer. Anyway!....

I ran 20 miles. It took about 11 hours. I exaggerated, but it felt like 11. I set an alarm for 5:30am but could not sleep last night thanks to this insane heat wave. Finally from maybe 6 to 8 I got sleep. That felt good but not so helpful at beating the heat.

Another thing I did wrong... I had no pre run food in my house. We split a banana and roll and had Power Crunch bars. Not exactly enough food for 20.

So we ran 10 miles before popping in to my cottage to refill water and grab this miraculous towel thing I got at an expo. We were only 2 miles into the last half when I realized that it was almost 90 degrees and I wasn't sweating anymore.

That prompted an emergency run to my house for electrolytes. Much needed!! I also had some grapes and a cookie and felt so much better. It is possible that we got absorbed into beach volleyball for a couple minutes. Oops!

The rest of the run was hard. Physically my legs were good. My problem was the heat and humidity. The same stretch kept causing us to have trouble breathing. It's like it was too humid for air.

Enough whining. We finished all 20 and the last part I just died. The heat got to me and I wasn't even totally coherent. I came up with a great way to recover (see photo). Who says you need to take off running clothes to swim??

In the end our running pace was right where we wanted it. Next time I will improve overall based on these very hard learned lessons!

I'm starving. I'd eat but my butt is planted on the couch.


  1. You guys are AWESOME. Love this. Even though I'm watching beach volleyball right now and liking the uniforms.

  2. Totally cool! Keep it up girl and go grab you something to eat!

  3. Holy crap. Congrats!! You're a rockstar.

  4. Wow!! Seriously you are a rockstar!!

  5. Great job on your 20 mile run!!!


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