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Friday, August 24, 2012

Run 1.56 - A New PR of Sorts!

Bye bye hair (friend's foot to show size)
Once again I was running on my own. This time I was doing 8 miles. Doable, but also kind of long on my own. Not long long, but now that I'm used to running and talking with MF 8 miles felt like it could be a little long and quiet. After the speedy 5 mile run I was excited to see how the 8 went. MF went on his own for his 8 miles while I was at work, and he was excited to say he ran all of them. His excitement carried over to me and I was determined to run as much as I could as well.

I charged my phone so I'd have enough battery for music, filled a small water bottle to attach to my belt, threw my short hair up (I just had 5 inches chopped off and feel totally naked), and was out the door to see if I could get over 7 miles without walking. Up until last night 7 was my longest running only distance.

I kept my park as my home base, feeling safe in that area knowing there is water, a bathroom and places I could quickly get to if I did feel unsafe at any time. I ran by the golf course, duck pond, the river, the park and the disc golf course - which I always nickname the Blair Witch Project forest. I was shocked when once again my legs were going fast! I did try to slow down a bit though. I was just over 5K pace at the 5K mark and knew that I shouldn't try to maintain that if I wanted to run all 8 miles and not fizzle. I stayed pretty darn steady, always below 11 minute miles, and only one time did I take a quick shot out of my water bottle. I think this slightly cool weather in the evening is just glorious and helping me improve overall.

So how did I do? I ran it ALL!!!! In 1:24 I completed all 8 miles with zero walking! When I finished my arms definitely went in the air in celebration. What a huge milestone for me! I'm still so excited and can't stop talking about it to my mom. She must be so sick of me by now!


  1. Im not sick of it!

    GOOD JOB! 5k pace...yikes.. good that you slowed down!

    Keep up the good work, and keep tabs on how your body is feeling
    and don't over do it..

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks!! This is so far really my week!!

  3. Oh my gosh, I only dream of a day I might be able to run 8 miles! Congrats!!

    1. You can!! Heck I only ever dreamed of doing a 5K 3 years ago ... and now I'm getting close to my first marathon and apparently I can run 8 miles at a time. Who knew?!?

  4. Woohoo!! You go girl!! Since I can't run right now I'm living vicariously through you and boy are "we" having great runs! Ha!

    1. I'm glad "we" are having great runs!! Keep that mojo going for us!!


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