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-Steve Prefontaine
Make it simple, but significant.
- Don Draper

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Today I Babble.

Tonight I return to running. It might not be some huge return with tons of miles, but I haven’t hardly been able to move around since Sunday, so any run will feel huge.

I’m loving the Olympics. Those synchronized divers are so impressive, right? I mean I can’t even go underwater without plugging my nose so forget about doing all these twists and turns and then going in with no splash. I might be able to belly flop? No. No, because a good flop wouldn’t probably let you plug your nose.

I’m ready for Track and Field competition to start, but that could either make me inspired to go run, or just tell me to sit my ass on the couch because I’m such a turtle. I bet it will inspire though. Anyone know if Desi made her final official marathon decision yet? I saw this weekend that she was NOT running, but then I saw that she changed her mind and wasn’t totally ruling it out. Anyone?

And as long as I’m in Olympics mode, why do those female swimming outfits have to be so awful? I mean I really thought some of them were dudes at first. Terrible cut, so unflattering. I know these women are solid muscle and built differently than I am, but come on. There must be a reason why they made them to disgusting looking, but gee freaking whiz!

So then while I’m on a clothing tangent, did you all notice how much crack we saw with the men’s synchronized diving? Talk about skimpy man panties!

This weekend I have no plans, other than training. That means perhaps a lot of quality time with the Olympics. Or maybe working outside or playing in my pool. I miss my pool. I haven’t been in it in a week I think. And the YMCA pool? I haven’t seen that since last Friday before I was all sick and gross.

Life is very strange right now. I’m pretty damn happy to have such wonderful friends. I cannot wait for next weekend when I’m back up north with Cilley Girl and Kim. And of course Man Friend … hey, Taryn… MF MF MF MF-MF MF MF MF MF-MF. Did you spin around with your glow sticks when I did that? Can you feel the thumpa-thumpa?

I need to take MF to some sort of dance club just to make him move with the techno beat that his MF implies!

Stuff is going on. I’m not talking about it. I’m thinking I shouldn’t have made fun of my mom for going to get her concealed weapons permit and all that. Having your life turn into a Lifetime Movie … not all it’s cracked up to be, trust me!

The 1st 5K my mommy did with me (and Sarah!)
In fun news, the whole family (and by that I mean myself, my mommy, my step-dad and MF) are all set for our Walt Disney World vacation and the next big step is race related… shocker! ;)  All four of us are officially doing the Family 5K fun run together. I’m not giving up, I will come up with a 4some costume idea that all parties can agree too. I might have to give up my vision of booty shorts, boots and wife beaters for the men though. It could be cold at 6am in January.

And lastly, I think my dog and Man Friend have some special relationship now. They spent a weekend alone together and now they are inseparable. Turns out she spent the whole time with him swimming in the river and riding around in his Jeep with her head out the window. So that’s the way to my dog’s heart? Hm. It’s pretty darn cute. You know your man friend is a keeper when your whole family, friends AND pets give complete approval. Yay. Score 1 for me!

And in my usual fashion of sucking at fundraising, we are nearly the first of two deadlines with the Active Heroes fundraiser. If you'd like to help me get closer to my goal of $911 by 9/11, click the link over to the right -- the one with the sailor hat photo. Thanks for all of you that have already donated, I think you are beyond awesome!!


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  1. Swimming is very lat heavy. You'll notice all the suits are cut in a way to leave the lats uncovered.


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